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Discussion in 'WoM Games' started by Elway, Aug 8, 2010.

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  1. LeftrightleftArchi

    By:LeftrightleftArchiFeb 26, 2017
    You're a Sky Full of Stars

    Jun 1, 2015
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    I think after a year its time I bring in an update on my playlist. I've going through an electropop phase recently:

    Lips - the XX

    Buzzcut Season - Lorde

    Ungirthed - Purity Ring

    REALiTi - Grimes

    The Way I Do - Bishop Briggs

    begin again - Purity Ring

    On Hold - the XX

    By Your Side - The 1975

    Loving Someone - The 1975

    Night Sky - CHVRCHES

    New Machines - Vinyl Theatre

    One Time - Marian Hill

    Memories That Call You Home - ODESZA

    Moth to the Flame - Chairlift

    Don't Hurt Yourself (feat. Jack White) - Beyoncé

    Papercut (feat. Troye Sivan) - Zedd

    Team - Lorde

    La Lune (feat. Dan Smith) - Madeon

    Hear the Bells - Porter Robinson

    Underwater - HANA

    Genesis - Grimes

    My Girls - Animal Collective

    Not In Love - Crystal Castles

    Liztomania - Phoenix

    Army of One - Coldplay

    Something to Believe In - The Chainsmokers & Coldplay

    Me and Your Mama - Childish Gambino

    Glass & Patron - FKA Twigs

    Gooey - Glass Animals

    Sleepyhead - Passion Pit

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  2. guy42

    By:guy42Mar 1, 2017
    Warm Player

    Feb 20, 2016
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    ^ You mean "Something Just Like This" for the Coldsmokers song.
  3. beastwars

    By:beastwarsMar 1, 2017
    Light reflection to fade

    Jun 30, 2015
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    I try with another 20 songs playlist too :)

    Formaldehyde - Editors
    Friends Will Be Friends - Queen
    Siren Song - Alan Parsons
    Never Back Down - Novastar
    Blue Ice - Shout Out Louds
    Lithium - Nirvana
    A Certain Someone - The Sundays
    China Girl - David Bowie
    Vines (ft. Woodes) - Golden Vessel
    Denial - I Break Horses
    Leaving Home - Gypsy And The Cat
    I Talk To The Wind - King Crimson
    Rawan - Fancy Colors
    The Bend - Real Estate
    Last Night On Earth - U2
    Hand In Glove - The Smiths
    Something Like Avalanches - Sleepmakeswaves
    Flaws - Denai Moore
    Does Your Mother Know - ABBA
    The Look - Metronomy
  4. arushofjacktothehead

    By:arushofjacktotheheadOct 21, 2017
    A Wispa, A Wispa, A Wispa

    Aug 27, 2015
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    These tracks are the main tracks that I've been listening to March-October. Disclaimer: EXTREMELY long post incoming (i might have to spilt it into two parts). As you will know, I call the months 'eras', and name them after the topic I was most interested in that month. The reason April is called 'Untitled' is because I couldn't really think of a certain theme in particular that month, as it was pretty much a sandbox of themes. Oh, and yeah, the songs in bold are the songs that best repsented the month it was in. I've picked one main song for each month (except May and June where there is multiple tracks).


    March 2017 (Euphoria Era)
    Star Roving- Slowdive

    Hypnotised- Coldplay
    Only Shallow- My Bloody Valentine
    My Girls- Animal Collective
    Also Frightened- Animal Collective
    Green Light- Lorde
    Circles- Incubus
    Petrichor- Tall Ships
    Apartment- Young The Giant
    Ego- Milky Chance
    Teenage Angst- Placebo
    Loomer- My Bloody Valentine
    Strobe- Friendly Fires
    Oceans- Coldplay
    I Ain't The One- Spoon
    When Will You Come Home?- M83
    Summertime Clothes- Animal Collective
    The Fast Lane- Lusine
    Girls- The 1975
    Something Just Like This- Coldplay & The Chainsmokers
    True Love Waits- Radiohead
    Running Away- Friendly Fires
    Live Those Days Tonight- Friendly Fires
    McFearless- Kings Of Leon
    Battle Sirens- Knife Party & Tom Morello
    Extreme Ways- Moby
    Inquiries- Trent Reznor & Atticus Ross
    Canopy- Lusine
    Change (In The House Of Flies)- Deftones
    Liability- Lorde
    Atlantic Din- Big Noble
    Breathe- The Prodigy
    Duality- Slipknot
    When You Sleep- My Bloody Valentine
    Circle- Slipknot
    Firestarter- The Prodigy
    September- Earth, Wind & Fire
    Omen- The Prodigy
    Alison- Slowdive
    Machine Gun- Slowdive
    Lucky- Radiohead
    Wait And Bleed- Slipknot
    InfraRed- Placebo
    Spitfire- The Prodigy
    Livin' On A Prayer- Bon Jovi
    Before I Forget- Slipknot
    Warrior's Dance- The Prodigy
    Surfacing- Slipknot
    Eyeless- Slipknot
    We Will Rock You- Queen
    Blue Monday- New Order
    Serial Thrilla- The Prodigy
    Take Me To The Hospital- The Prodigy
    Spit It Out- Slipknot
    Smack My B*** Up- The Prodigy
    Danger...Keep Away- Slipknot
    Dig- Incubus
    Weather Experience- The Prodigy
    April 2017 (Untitled Era)
    Can I Sit Next To You- Spoon

    Let's Dance To Joy Division- The Wombats
    The Dying Of The Light- Noel Gallagher's High Flying Birds
    Road Not Taken- Tall Ships
    Will To Life- Tall Ships
    Lucille- Tall Ships
    Tear It Down- Spoon
    Saturnz Barz- Gorillaz feat. Popcaan
    Andromeda- Gorillaz feat. D.R.A.M.
    Sea Of Blood- Tall Ships
    Cave- Future Islands
    Guerilla Radio- Rage Against The Machine
    Hummer- Smashing Pumpkins
    Melon Yellow- Slowdive
    Day Glow Fire- Future Islands
    Settle For Nothing- Rage Against The Machine
    Who Feels Love?- Oasis
    Around The World- RHCP
    Noctorniquet- The Mars Volta
    Castle On The Hill- Ed Sheeran
    Clint Eastwood- Gorillaz
    Interference- Thom Yorke
    Nearly Lost You- Screaming Trees
    Subways- The Avalanches
    M62 Song- Doves
    Ether- Mogwai
    Tzar- Mogwai
    treat- Kasabian
    Petrol- Orbital
    The Widow- The Mars Volta
    The Window- Thrice
    The Halt- Daisyhead
    Continuation- S3A
    Strawberry Swing- Coldplay
    Separator- Radiohead
    People Of The Sun- Rage Against The Machine
    Ascension- Gorillaz feat. Vince Staples
    Paradise City- Guns N' Roses
    Born Slippy (NUXX)- Underworld
    Supersymmetry- Arcade Fire
    May 2017 (The Return To London Era)
    Intro- M83 feat. Zola Jesus

    Planet Telex- Radiohead
    Gravity- Coldplay
    Are You Looking For Action?- Kasabian
    Spectral Nation- Solar Fields
    Bodysnatchers- Radiohead
    Hyper Music- Muse
    Glass Of Water- Coldplay
    Runaway- Linkin Park
    The Bends- Radiohead
    How Soon Is Now?- The Smiths
    Dirty Harry- Gorillaz
    Feel Good Inc- Gorillaz
    Rhinestone Eyes- Gorillaz
    Twentyfourseven- Kasabian
    Treefingers- Radiohead
    Good Fight- Kasabian
    On Melancholy Hill- Gorillaz
    Down Is The New Up- Radiohead
    (Interlude: Elevator Going Up- Gorillaz)
    Strobelite- Gorillaz feat. Peven Everett
    Karma Police- Radiohead
    Heavydirtysoul- twenty øne piløts
    Fascination Street- The Cure
    Naïve- The Kooks
    Time- O Torvald
    Black Hole Sun- Soundgarden
    Children (Dream Version)- Robert Miles
    Only Teardrops- Emmelie De Forest
    Heroes- Måns Zelmerlöw
    Invisible- Linkin Park
    Dark Device- Young Georgian Lolitaz
    Kiwi- Harry Styles
    Told You So- Paramore
    Red Hill Mining Town- U2
    I'm Not Alone- Calvin Harris
    From The Dining Table- Harry Styles
    Every Teardrop Is A Waterfall- Coldplay
    Skyline To- Frank Ocean
    White Ferrari- Frank Ocean
    Marks To Prove It- The Maccabees
    Shotgun Mouthwash- High Contrast
    Slow Slippy- Underworld
    Not Nineteen Forever- Courteeners
    Salt And Shadow- Thrice
    Falling Ashes- Slowdive
    June 2017 (Firelight Era)
    Wall Of Glass- Liam Gallagher

    Run- Foo Fighters
    Lights Out- Royal Blood
    Don't Look Back In Anger- Oasis
    Fix You- Coldplay
    One Last Time- Ariana Grande
    Live Forever- Oasis
    Hook, Line & Sinker- Royal Blood
    Fallowfield Hillbilly- Courteeners
    Form By Firelight- Jon Hopkins
    All I Can Think About Is You- Coldplay
    The Catalyst- Linkin Park
    Sober- Lorde
    Rock 'n' Roll Star- Oasis
    Black Thumbnail- Kings Of Leon
    The Man- The Killers
    Daydreaming- Radiohead
    Fake Plastic Trees- Radiohead
    Weird Fishes/Arpeggi- Radiohead
    Paranoid Android- Radiohead
    Chinatown- Liam Gallagher
    Sober II (Melodrama)- Lorde
    Blow Out- Radiohead
    July 2017 (v a p o r w a v e Era)
    Transference- 2814

    恢复- 2814
    新宿ゴールデン街- 2814
    Resistance- Muse
    心はシダであります- Nmesh
    This Body- 2814
    Deadcrush- alt- J
    あなたの愛への憧れ- t e l e p a t h
    最後にホーム- t e l e p a t h
    DARE- Gorillaz
    Sixteen Blocks- Kasabian
    我的遗憾- Hong Kong Express
    在雨中的悲伤- Hong Kong Express
    A Sea Of Love- Huerco S
    Man Of War- Radiohead
    Everything Is Working- Games
    Violet Hill- Coldplay
    Optimistic- Radiohead
    A L I E N S- Coldplay
    Jelly- Kyle Gabler
    Years Of Work- Kyle Gabler
    Lannoy Point- Ride
    Graphic Processing Unit- Kyle Gabler
    Resonance- Home
    Come Back Down- Home
    Wait- M83
    Less Than- Nine Inch Nails
    Miracles (Someone Special)- Coldplay
    Get Lucky- Daft Punk feat. Pharrell Williams & Nile Rodgers
    American Idiot- Green Day
    This Is Gospel- Panic! At The Disco
    Mr Brightside- The Killers
    The Pretender- Foo Fighters
    Throne- Bring Me The Horizon
    Fluorescent Adolescent- Arctic Monkeys
    Dirty Day- U2
    London Thunder- Foals
    8- Olan Mill
    She Moves In Her Own Way- The Kooks
    Speed Of Sound- Coldplay
    Transatlanticism- Death Cab For Cutie
    Black Star- Radiohead
    Appels + Oranjes- Smashing Pumpkins
    Black & White Town- Doves
    Don't Stop Me Now- Queen
    All Fired Up- Interpol
    Berzerk- Eminem
    Unfinished Business- Hong Kong Express
    独自一人,一起- Hong Kong Express
    Swings And Waterslides- Viola Beach
    Everything Now- Arcade Fire
    Run For Cover- The Killers
    Infinite Content- Arcade Fire
    Infinite_Content- Arcade Fire
    Electric Blue- Arcade Fire
    Pounding- Doves

    (August-October coming soon...)
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  5. cp3176

    By:cp3176Nov 6, 2017

    Sep 9, 2015
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    "Coming soon"

    Still don't see it lol
  6. cp3176

    By:cp3176Nov 6, 2017

    Sep 9, 2015
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    Here, for this I'll just put whatever comes on in my shuffle. 30 songs.

    Colour Spectrum, Coldplay
    Wanted, Vanessa Carlton
    Where'd You Go, Fort Minor
    Unsaid Extended Version, The Fray
    Prince, Vanessa Carlton
    Aiko Extended Version, Coldplay
    Oceans Single Listening Edit, Coldplay
    Kids Remastered, Hedley
    The Unforgiven II, Metallica
    A Hopeful Transmission and Don't Let It Break Your Heart, Coldplay
    Halcyon, Jon Hopkins
    Unconditionally, Katy Perry
    Healthy Moon, DIIV
    A Thousand Miles, Vanessa Carlton
    No More Keeping My Feet On The Ground, Coldplay
    Sugar Free Remastered, Hedley
    The Fighter, The Fray
    Rain and Ash, Jon Hopkins
    Moses, Coldplay
    Subterranean Homesick Alien, Radiohead
    Verge ft. Aloe Blacc, Owl City
    Morning Bell Amnesiac, Radiohead
    Lucky, Radiohead
    Since U Been Gone, Kelly Clarkson
    Honest, The Chainsmokers
    Decks Dark Single Listening Edit, Radiohead
    Losing The Light, Marconi Union
    Bloodless Revolution, Coldplay
    The Last Dive of David Shaw, We Lost The Sea
    Diamonds, Rihanna
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  7. arushofjacktothehead

    By:arushofjacktotheheadNov 8, 2017
    A Wispa, A Wispa, A Wispa

    Aug 27, 2015
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    Well, maybe not too soon, but eventually.
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  8. arushofjacktothehead

    By:arushofjacktotheheadNov 11, 2017
    A Wispa, A Wispa, A Wispa

    Aug 27, 2015
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    August 2017 (Vapour Trail)
    Vapour Trail- Ride

    Wake Up- Arcade Fire
    Breathe This Air- Jon Hopkins
    Afterlife- Arcade Fire
    Transference- 2814
    Here Comes The Night Time- Arcade Fire
    Million Dollar Question- Radiohead
    Pug- Smashing Pumpkins
    Before I Forget- Slipknot
    Run For Cover- The Killers
    Outro- M83
    Uprising- Muse (me and Lou were failing at this on Guitar Hero ahah)
    Child's Play Theme- Joe Renzetti (because this was the first time I watched the film that scared me to death when I was younger lol)
    Car Radio- twenty øne piløts
    Holding On To You- twenty øne piløts
    Moving To Mars- Coldplay
    Papercut- LINKIN PARK
    One Step Closer- LINKIN PARK
    Somewhere I Belong- LINKIN PARK
    Faint- LINKIN PARK
    (RIP Chester :()
    Duality- Slipknot
    Figure.09- LINKIN PARK
    Hurt- Nine Inch Nails
    (around this time, I had a major panic attack and completely lost balance for a couple of hours. thanks to Lydia (my close best friend), I managed to calm down and eventually become happy again)
    Crazy- Gnarls Barkley
    Waste A Moment- Kings Of Leon
    Homemade Dynamite- Lorde
    A Place For My Head- LINKIN PARK
    There Are Too Many Of Us- Blur
    Flow (Child Of Eden Theme)- Genki Rockets (I completed the video game around this time, that's why it's here)
    Shadow Of The Day- LINKIN PARK
    Luna Moth- Jon Hopkins
    Second Sense- Jon Hopkins
    Symmetry- Jon Hopkins
    2 + 2 = 5- Radiohead
    Hit The Floor- LINKIN PARK
    Thought I Was A Spaceman- Blur
    Mirrorball- Blur
    Burnout- Green Day
    Right Here, Right Now- Fatboy Slim
    Flashbulb Eyes- Arcade Fire
    Low- Coldplay
    Reprise- Jon Hopkins
    (The following songs were in my Falmouth playlist when I went on the drive to get there, I've only put a couple, not the whole thing lol)
    Square One- Coldplay
    Everything In Its Right Place- Radiohead
    Open Eye Signal- Jon Hopkins
    Dandelion Spheres- Simian Mobile Disco
    Fake Plastic Trees- Radiohead
    Water Silence- Solar Fields
    A Violent Noise- The xx
    treat- Kasabian
    Skyline To- Frank Ocean
    Daphne Descends- Smashing Pumpkins
    Translation- Waypoint
    If I Had A Gun- NGHFB
    Boat- Solar Fields
    Reptile- NIN
    R.U.R- John Tejada
    Animals- Coldplay
    5AM- Amber Run
    After Glow- Foals
    Blue Moon Station- Solar Fields
    Bad (Live)- U2 (imho this song sounds better a key lower than the studio version)
    Somebody Told Me- The Killers
    Melts Into Air- Ulrich Schnauss
    Ground Zero- Lil Wayne (Idk really I liked the bassline and riff)
    The whole How Did We Get So Dark? album- Royal Blood
    Guerrilla Radio- RATM
    Home- Tall Ships (extremely sad they've broken up :()
    My Beautiful Blue Sky- Moby
    Headwind- Lusine
    Up On The Ladder- Radiohead
    Love Will Tear Us Apart- Joy Division
    Into The Black- Chromatics
    New Rules- Dua Lipa
    Fetish- Selena Gomez feat. Gucci Mane
    You- Gold Panda
    Session- LINKIN PARK
    Held- Lowtide
    Bones- Polykite
    Til Kingdom Come- Coldplay (this was the moment this song clicked with me ;))
    Four Cypresses- Grizzly Bear
    Keep The Car Running- Arcade Fire
    Sweater Weather- The Neighbourhood

    September, October playlists are coming eventually
    Last edited: Nov 11, 2017
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  9. cp3176

    By:cp3176Nov 12, 2017

    Sep 9, 2015
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    Sorry about that.
    Last edited: Nov 12, 2017
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  10. cp3176

    By:cp3176May 16, 2019

    Sep 9, 2015
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    Well I've gotta lot of new songs, so I'll just do the shuffle list again:

    Timebomb by Walk the Moon
    Room 137 by Dream Theater
    Irreplaceable by Beyonce
    True Love Waits by Radiohead, AMSP version
    Oveture 1928 by Dream Theater
    Prologue by Jon Hopkins
    The Rose by Westlife
    A New Beginning by Dream Theater
    Keep On Wanting by The Fray
    I Need You by LeAnn Rimes
    Princess of China ft. Rihanna by Coldplay
    My Friends by RHCP
    Titanium ft. Sia, Arno Cost by David Guetta
    Present Tense by Radiohead
    Underwater by Jon Hopkins
    Into the Sunset by Mako
    Let You Down ft. Danyka Nadeau by Stonebank
    Everything Connected by Jon Hopkins
    Rain King by Counting Crows
    Happy Now ft. Elley Duhe by ZEDD
    One Kiss ft. Dua Lipa by Calvin Harris
    A New Dawn by Teminite
    Dystopian Overture by Dream Theater
    Raðljóst, Pt. II by Staring at the Sun
    Weightless Pt. II by Marconi Union
    Moving to Mars by Coldplay
    Never Say Never by the Fray
    Moses by Coldplay
    The Walking Shadow by Dream Theater
    How to Disappear Completely by Radiohead
  11. Gideon_Mx

    By:Gideon_MxMay 19, 2019
    Snow Patrol, Noel Gallagher's H.F.B. & Coldplay

    Aug 28, 2015
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    Chocolate by Snow Patrol
    Glow by Gavin James
    Somewhere Only We Know by Keane
    It's A Beautiful World and AKA... What A Life! by Noel Gallagher's High Flying Birds
    Waste A Moment by Kings Of Leon
    What If This Is All The Love You Ever Get? by Snow Patrol
    Walk Away by Alle Farben ft. James Blunt (new song)
    Follow Your Fire by Kodaline
    Starlight & Madness by Muse
    Noi by Eros Ramazzotti
    Daylight by Maroon 5
    Almost Made It by Racoon
    Last edited: May 19, 2019
  12. cp3176

    By:cp3176May 22, 2019

    Sep 9, 2015
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    @Gideon_Mx what? Someone else knows Racoon?!!?!
  13. Mohammed Essam

    By:Mohammed EssamMay 23, 2019

    Apr 21, 2014
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    Mine are:

    Bon Iver - Perth
    Slowdive - Slomo
    Slowdive - Sugar for the pill
    Slowdive - Everyone Knows
    Slowdive - No longer making time
    The Temper Trap - Sweet Disposition
    Twenty One Pilots - My Blood
    Two Door Cinema Club - Sleep Alone
    Two Door Cinema Club - Sun
    Phoenix - Rome
    Phoenix - Armistice
    The War on Drugs - Pain
    The War on Drugs - Holding on
    The War on Drugs - Strangest Thing
    Cessyl Orchestra - Into the Trance
    Tim Wheeler - Vapour
    Tim Wheeler - Snow in Nara
    M83 - Solitude
    M83 - Outro
    M83 - Reunion
    Apparat - Goodbye
    K.S.Rhoads - Our Corner of the Universe
  14. Gideon_Mx

    By:Gideon_MxMay 24, 2019
    Snow Patrol, Noel Gallagher's H.F.B. & Coldplay

    Aug 28, 2015
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    Wait, you know them as well!?!? I live in Holland so,I know this dutch band, in my opinion the best dutch band because their music doesn't sound dutch at all (and is sung in English).... Except for one ballad that is sung in Dutch language which is a huge hit in the Netherlands.
  15. CAJM

    By:CAJMMay 24, 2019

    Jan 18, 2018
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    Yess they are so good!! Absolutely love the music of these guys:blush:
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  16. Gideon_Mx

    By:Gideon_MxMay 24, 2019
    Snow Patrol, Noel Gallagher's H.F.B. & Coldplay

    Aug 28, 2015
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    THANK YOU, finally somebody that takes a listen to these guys. They are really good for a dutch band!

    Bring It On is my personal favorite Racoon song, I'm certain you'll like this one as well:

    Mobile Link: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=WvOPZ1MDF50
    Last edited: May 24, 2019
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  17. WallaceCrawford

    By:WallaceCrawfordMay 26, 2019
    New Coldplayer

    May 26, 2019
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    I like In Flames, that the reason a lot of songs are theirs my playlist.
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  18. Gideon_Mx

    By:Gideon_MxMay 29, 2019
    Snow Patrol, Noel Gallagher's H.F.B. & Coldplay

    Aug 28, 2015
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    By who is that song?
  19. CAJM

    By:CAJMJun 5, 2019

    Jan 18, 2018
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    Yes love that one!
    My favourites are Almost Made It and Love You More:blush:
  20. cp3176

    By:cp3176Jun 7, 2019

    Sep 9, 2015
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    Wow, so many people know of them on here! Wasn't expecting this. I was talking to someone sometime back who had a song of theirs in their playlist and I think they were from around that place too. That's why me, living in Canada, knows of this very niche band. They have good music though! I got introduced by Young and Wise. Would need to listen to more of their songs to decide on a favorite but for now that's my fav.

    I think someone was referring to In Flames the artist who made Bullet Ride which is a song I have on my playlist. I can't remember whether I posted that song on here or on another thread, probably on here if someone else is bringing it up on here lol. I'd have to listen to more of their discography but I just heard this gem on either Octane or Turbo I believe and liked it enough to get it.

    By the way is there some pages on here, like in this World of Music section that shows up as really weird for a lot of people? Like there's no formatting whatsoever and it looks like a webpage from the 90s? Or so I'd assume. It just looks really simplistic and like all black and white..... I tried clicking all the pages in this thread and even reloading them they aren't looking any better so I think it might be a server side issue. I know this can happen with a slow internet connection but it seems to load the page fast enough and no amount of reloading is remedying this.

    EDIT: Maybe it's just my Chrome browser. Tried it on another browser and everything loads fine but I wasn't signed in on there either. Just looking to see whether anybody else is noticing this, I recently went in the Coldplaying.com section and the same thing was happening but none of the threads were looking weird in the other browser I tried
    Last edited: Jun 7, 2019