The band "SHIELDS"...and my label ;-)


Aug 19, 2003

As some of you might remember, I was a pretty busy bee on here a long time ago. Anyway - time has past and I now have my own company, a small label at present and we have recently just put out our first singles and debut LP, "How Can We Fix This?" by the band SHIELDS. It's good alt pop stuff, I think anyway.

I thought - I bet some Coldplay fans would quite like this so I'm unashamedly promoting their music to you now, haha.

Have a listen and see what you think (if you fancy):

You can listen on Spotify or Apple Music/iTunes and most other streaming platforms, like Deezer etc

There are a bunch of videos on YouTube too, like the one below for example. But check out the album as it has a bunch of different sounding tracks. I love "I Don't Know What You Want" as well as the title track on there.

Anyway - Cheers, Gareth
Band site is: Social: Facebook Twitter Instagram
Label is at
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