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Pete's Oxfam Blog - the Winter UK tour leg


New Coldplayer
Aug 25, 2006
awwww no more Pete-coldplayer meetups?!?!?!:stunned::bigcry:
well, glad I got to meet the author of the cool blogs:D (thank God for Christa who thought to take a pic LOL)
And I was looking fwd to a bunch of us going over to say hello @Wembley show:(...well good luck to Pete in all future endeavors!:nice:


Ms Multi-quote :D
Jul 7, 2008
the final blog :cry:

The End Of A Y(Era)
From buses to desks. I’m sitting in Oxford, England, at a desk in the Media Unit of Oxfam House. I’ve been around the UK, North America and Europe on buses with Coldplay’s crew for the past 7 months. The desk in front of me is covered with files, newspapers, tapes, contact cards, campaigns pins, a gnawed pen, a rubber band, a coffee cup and a spoon. It’s not mine. I’m borrowing it. Outside I can see the ‘arctic snap’ frost and yesterdays snow on the street and people bustling along to get where they are going at the start of school terms, semesters and working weeks. It’s been 14 days since the last Coldplay show of 2008. Just 7 hours after the show ended in Belfast.. I was in bed at home. A large part of the past two weeks were spent asleep.
Now we are into 2009, a fresh year for campaigning, an important year for Oxfam’s Climate Change and Essential Services campaigns. The Oxfam unwrapped donkeys, goats, camels, mosquito nets, school books and latrines, donated as gifts for people who need them most, will soon be put into action. The last mince pie crumbs will be swept away, and the baubles, stars and tinsel will come down. Remember to do that today everyone.. I hear it’s bad luck not to.
The curtain came down, just before Christmas, on Coldplay’s incredible, triumphant, ’Viva La Vida’ World Tour, 2008. I am sure that, aside from perhaps catching up with the F.A. Cup action, and getting some well-earned rest, Coldplay will already be looking forward to the massive shows to come in 2009.
Oxfam’s fantastic volunteers, all 1300 of them, managed to achieve an amazing 77′297 sign-ups at 75 Coldplay shows, from Oxfam supporters around the world. Averaging over 1030 people every night. I am astonished. That is like filling the Liverpool Echo Arena 7 times, plus 1 Brixton Academy, and still having 2029 people sign-up who are queueing outside.. or a packed-to-capacity Green Bay Packers Lambeau Field stadium, and then adding a full house at London’s Brixton Academy to stand on the pitch! It all started, with 6 volunteers, on June 16th, with the release of the album, the first show at Brixton.. and now I am here number crunching, with how many times you could fill that place, with the incredible number of people who’ve signed up. Of course, it is not too late to join them..
I have to say a massive thank you, to all of Oxfam’s volunteers along the way, for their amazing efforts over about 225 hours of campaigning and spreading the word, on foot, in those huge arenas. The equivalent of 10 days of non-stop 24 hour campaigning.. Every one of the enthusaistic volunteers did what they could that night to help reduce poverty. Foot-stomping. T-shirt wearing. Conversation-starting. Clipboard-carrying. Hug-a-nursing. Essential Services-Campaigning. Amazing people.
Without any of those people who stopped and picked up pens to sign-up, make a pledge, be inspired, support a petition, take a breather from the crowds.. our efforts would not have worked. What actually happened is that Coldplay fans in 2008 helped to make a difference. You helped Oxfam to pile the pressure on global leaders to keep their promises in providing Essential Services For All. There was also the chance to talk about EU Agricultural policy, Make Trade Fair, and raise awareness of Climate Change campaigning. Those people may now be getting involved by fundraising through Oxjam, buying FairTrade clothes, campaigning online, volunteering as stewards, Trailwalkers or activists, recycling their books in a shop. There are all sorts of ways to get involved with Oxfam. The best way to get involved with Coldplay, is by making some noise at their shows.. Oxfam might not have arena shows like Coldplay, but making noise on the need to overcome poverty, is just what is needed. Now is the time, when all of you out there can click mouse buttons, donate cash, join street campaigns, write to politicians, ride bikes, drink coffee, cheer at a show, volunteer with Oxfam. Start doing, or keep on doing, all those little things that make a huge difference. Watch the video ‘Pressure Points’ from Oxfam GB.
That’s the volunteers and the fans and all those lovely people who grabbed pens and wrote their names.. now I don’t want this closing blog turning into an Oscar’s speech.. but I do have to thank Coldplay, and all those who make their show happen. Without them, none of what we have achieved this past 7 months, could have happened. Thank you to them for giving Oxfam this amazing opportunity, for inviting the volunteers into their show for free. I met some awesome people in the crew. The people who move cases around, drive buses, load trucks, rig lighting, project video, adjust sound, run on with guitars, arrange seating, re-button jackets, book hotels and all the other little things that keep the show on the road. Myself and Oxfam’s little road case had an amazing journey, met some great people and did 75 days of campaigning. It’s been emotional.
I will miss it. You will miss it. But those 4 lads from London will be back. Oxfam will again hope to see you there.


Irresponsible baby clutching onto aeroplane wing
Honorary Coldplayer
Nov 1, 2006
this is too wild i just logged on and Lovers in Japan video just came on Fuse as i was reading your post Carla!!!

Pete will be surely missed!!


If we could float away...
Feb 19, 2003
Awww, that's awesome.

A great post. Thanks again Pete for all the blogs and have a great new year :D