Hey Rosetta!


chewing on monkey brains
Jun 6, 2008
Finally got to see Hey Rosetta! live t'other week when they were in the UK. Blinder of a gig it was, even tho the venue was really tiny and they looked all cramped up together on the wee stage. Tim was knocking guitars and piano stools and stuff over whenever he started jigging about like he does, there just wasn't enough room. But, they seemed to be enjoying themselves & there was great feedback from the crowd (seemed to be mostly Canadian tho, judging by the accents I heard!) Brilliant night, I just wish they were a bit more well known over here, so they could justify a proper tour :(

Anyway, they mostly played stuff off Seeds but there was a few off Lungs of course, There's An Arc and Thousand Suns. Also Red Songs, which I love. And a new one, didn't catch the title of it, but the chorus went something like "Stand still, stand still" Maybe someone knows the name of it?