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Hello from London!

Morrison Cole

New Coldplayer
Oct 21, 2018
Hey folks,

Been a lurker here for the best part of 8 years, possibly longer. Can't really remember when I found this place!

Thought I'd introduce myself and get involved a bit more as I'm currently taking a year out of work where I'm normally a Software Engineer in order to return to music and write with my band full time. I studied at music school as a classical trombonist when I was younger where I met a few other rogue musicians who loved Coldplay and introduced me to them, people I still play with today :blush:

First album was actually A Rush of Blood to the Head, but quickly got into Parachutes and X&Y and was a fan enough by that point to be excited when Viva la Vida was being released!

See you all around!

- Morrison


I'm hyp
Jun 5, 2015
Welcome! I was too reading through Coldplaying for a couple of years before I joined.