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New Coldplayer
Mar 12, 2019
I don't really care that much about how they have been using autotune in recent shows but alot of people still don't know that they do in fact use autotune.

Basically i went through the A Head Full Of Dreams documentary and found footage of the concert in France on July 15th 2017 indicated with a France flag on Chris' belt and matched with audience footage. The video was paired with audio from the Love In Tokyo album instead of France and contains a highly autotuned and less refined cut of Chris singing Fix You. The audio however, is not from France and is probably a mix between the Tokyo shows contained on Love In Tokyo and another asian leg show.

Another thing to note is that the version on Love In Tokyo uses audience noise to cover up the autotune.


P.S: Anymore details on the new album that the band is recording rn? I can't flipping wait!

Captain Crieff

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Staff member
Honorary Coldplayer
Jun 12, 2012
Yeah the footage in the film doesn't always match the audio from the exact gig, but I suppose it was a case of finding the best audio and the best image. As for the actual live shows, I believe it's backing tracks they use and not autotune. So Chris still sings Fix You but there's a track playing along to make the whole thing sound a bit "stronger" and better than one man, out of breath from running and jumping around during previous songs would be able to achieve.

(also sorry your post only gets published now, it got caught in the moderation queue and I was a bit behind on cleaning that out)


Student filmmaker & Huge Coldplay fan
Mar 28, 2019
Fun fact tho:

This doesn't mean they use autotune in the show itself. All official concert video's or albums are in fact mixed by producers. And also autotuned if needed.
So there is a big chance that the live performance you hear is autotuned, but that the people who were there at that moment heard the concert differently.


Livin' life in Technicolor
Jun 9, 2012
The documentary isn't supposed to show footage of shows that is paired with the live feed, this was always done in docu-style shows from artists (see Madonna's I'm going to tell you a secret). It's more like a "lets make the track shorter and assemble the best vocal parts of a selection of shows" idea. Also there is currently no artist by Live Nation that their vocals are not autotuned both while performing live and in home releases of the show. What I find more interesting is that they completely lipsynced Clocks on all shows. I guess Chris can't pull out the song anymore, especially that late in a setlist.