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Clothe the World with Coldplayers' Designs

Texas Rez

One little victory.
Oct 16, 2011
Note to mod: If there's a similar/exact thread, could this be possibly merged? Thanks.

Hello all! For quite sometime had I wanted to give back to the community, and wasn't sure how until now. I had been in the Interact Club (a community service club) in my freshman year of high school (2009-2010), and would like to start a project that would help give clothes to the unfortunate with a twist. I know most of you probably donated hand-me-downs before in the past to loved ones and/or Goodwill, but I'd like to do this with new clothes. It's not often that the unfortunate doesn't get to wear a fresh, new shirt, y'know. I suggest that we buy some plain t-shirts and paint some designs on it, and donate those to charity organizations?

I'd like your input on this! Thanks!