Best seats for concert this Sunday?


New Coldplayer
Jul 31, 2017
Hi Everyone,

I'm new to this site and this Sunday will be my first Coldplay concert. I haven't bought tickets yet and was hoping some of you may be able to offer some advice about where in the stadium is best. The concert is at FedEx Field and I'm torn between the floor or choosing a seat in section 101 or 121 (I included the seating map below).

If I get floor tickets, what section would you recommend so that's it's not an obstructed view? I'm average height, but am a little worried about not being able to see due to taller people or cameras/other stage equipment partially blocking the view.

Otherwise, I'm considering sections 101 or 121 (mid-row) so that I'd be a little more off the ground and could have a better view and take it all in (special effects, xylobands, etc.). I'm hoping everyone ends up standing in these higher sections?

I'm also going alone (lol) because none of my friends like Coldplay all that much and didn't want to spend money on tickets. But I couldn't pass this opportunity up! So that's my other reasoning for the floor - I feel like there will be better energy down there and maybe I'd blend in better and not feel so awkward/out-of-place by myself versus sitting in a higher section?

Do any of you have strong opinions about this/any advice? Thanks so much!!


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