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[2016-08-01] First Niagara Center, Buffalo, NY


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Dec 17, 2015
I just uploaded the edit of the complete concert, made by editing together the individual song videos from youtube. nearly 99.9% of the show is there, just missing 3 or 4 transitions between songs, but couldnt find the missing footage anywhere.

Darn it, just watched the whole video with the wife and kid and found a cut in up&up i didnt know was there. Also didnt like the 0.5 second scene transitions so going to redo with 1 second crossfades and patch the cut in upnup.
Stay tuned for v2.0...
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Aug 14, 2007
It's somewhat hard. I was lucky to get 5th row seats next to the runway via Ticketmaster about a week before the show.

Just know that I paid about $1000 for 4 tickets. That's in US dollars.
Thanks for the reply. My daughter & I currently have a savings account set up and we always put money into it. We caught them on this tour in July. At the rate we are saving if they tour again in a couple of years, we will have close to $2000 saved. I am willing to spend Every. Last. Penny. to get as close as we possibly can to the stage!!!!!! [emoji173]️[emoji636][emoji441]

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