[2016-04-10] Maracanã Stadium, Rio de Janeiro, Brazil


True love
Feb 25, 2016
One week has passed and here’s my review:

Sunday, April 10th, 2016. The concert I’ve been waiting for almost 5 years, 35°C feeling like 50°C. So much anticipation that I didn’t slept well in the previous night. The moment I got my xyloband nothing else mattered, Coldplay would be live in front of me in this epic place that is Maracanã stadium.

Positioned myself near the b-stage on Jonny’s side, amongst wonderful people that I met in queue, from all over Brazil. Lianne La Havas was surprisingly awesome, didn’t knew any of her songs but they were soulful and groovy. Gotta love a girl who can play guitar like that.

Showtime, so excited to see people I’ve met 2 days earlier chosen to do Rio’s intro vid. We were shouting so loud I couldn’t hear AHFOD first notes LOL. Chris was ON FIRE, he probably sweated as much as we did :laugh3: Xylos, confetti, lights, everything composing a beautiful scenery.

About the setlist, first section was predictable but amazing to see them reacting to crowd’s energy, Paradise remix = briliant. B-stage, the band so close to me that doesn’t matter that I was only seeing their backs. WTF moment: PoC – so unexpected, never would imagine it back after being extensively played on MX tour. Magic felt a bit weak live, Ink would’ve been more enjoyable.

Back to the main stage, Midnight intro on Fix You so f*ckin awesome. Charlie Brown, AOAL, VLV – people went mad, singing the riff, jumping. Only wish they done a different cover of David Bowie… Now to C-stage, most blissful moment of the night: Parachutes + Shiver (thought I’d dehydrate from crying in this one) + A Message. Perfect acoustic set. :dazzled: :wacky:

ASFOS, Chris stopping the song to ‘marry’ 3 couples on stage. He can put that on his resume hahaha It was so powerful, paper stars falling everywhere while xylos made the place look like a constellation. Up&Up, one of the best guitar solos Jonny’s ever did, believe in love flashmob was incredible. I only miss a proper encore…
The best Coldplay concert I’ve ever been and 2nd best setlist (u can’t really top VLV tour :awesome:)

u can see my pics here: https://www.facebook.com/isislove.oliveira/media_set?set=a.10206570700091003.1073741848.1376438962&type=3
and my vids here: https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PL-7eVWO5IO0MB8OZYyLN9jfxOtcSyj1Pm
Nice review, thank you so much for taking a momento to write and share it!