1. FrankSchepers

    New registered Coldplay songs!

    Hey Guys, So this whas just a post from me to announce that a song whas added to the repertory of Johny somewhere in April. But I decided to edit it to a post where we can all share our thoughts on new registered songs and bump each other if a new song got added. You can check if a new song...
  2. antdrew

    What Does a Coldplay Song or Album Remind You of?

    Just thought it would be interesting to hear what place/moment/time/person certain coldplay songs or even an entire album reminds you of. For me Parachutes, the album, has been on my mind, it reminds me of the cold, slow rolling bus touring through Germany in winter with tons of fog all around...
  3. guy42

    Song Request Discussion for North American Tour

    Good evening. It’s now just five days until the A Head Full Of Dreams Tour reaches North America! There are still a limited number of tickets available – see the Tour page for all the details. If you’re coming to one of the shows and there’s a Coldplay song you’d like to hear (which the band...
  4. F

    Need help surprising my girlfriend

    [Was recommended by Reddit to come post here] So my girlfriend and I have tickets to the upcoming Coldplay concert in New Jersey / New York at Metlife Stadium July 16th. I was thinking that during the concert would be the best time for me to "pop the question". I would love to do it on stage...
  5. cp3176

    High/Low List of Coldplay Songs!

    *NOTE:* Before asking any questions at all, read this entire post. All of it. Trust me, this is a brand new style of play never seem before and you WILL have questions if you don't read all of this post. There are bound to be questions anyway, but I'm going to say this and make sure you...