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love in tokyo

  1. G

    Coldplay Using Autotune

    I don't really care that much about how they have been using autotune in recent shows but alot of people still don't know that they do in fact use autotune. Basically i went through the A Head Full Of Dreams documentary and found footage of the concert in France on July 15th 2017 indicated...
  2. J

    Love In Tokyo!

    Hello everyone! Here I share with you Coldplay's album, that's only available in Japan, Love In Tokyo! This was released alongside the release of The Butterfly Package on Dec. 7th. https://drive.google.com/open?id=1F_6GNW2nt5u2c53-rGu7063HHMvLyFHi Setlist: 01 - A Head Full Of Dreams 02 -...