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    Your favourite 5 bands at the moment... in no order are...

    Alt-j Grizzly Bear Grimes (not a band, but whatever) Beach House Bat For Lashes
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    Charlie Brown Music Videos (Live & Studio - both videos in first post)

    CRAP. Other than looking like a Rihanna video, it also reminds me of Yoann Lemoine's videos (Katy Perry's Teenage Dream and Lana Del Rey's Born To Die. Ick).
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    have you seen the new video for Paradise by directors Shynola!

    Love it. Don't love the ending so much though, it would've been better minus the new boy on the beach.. but it's still a very moving video.
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    Florence + The Machine

    YES! That's exactly how I feel about this album! Anyway, here's the No Light, No Light video, everyone! Fresh from the oven! Florence + The Machine - No Light, No Light - YouTube ETA: And yes, I've always thought that! They're almost identical! :laugh4:
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    The inside scoop on the video

    Phil Harvey and the Tim Crompton?! AHAHA HOW DID WE NOT SEE THIS?! :laugh4: That is too cool. Now I love the video even more.
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    Member of the Month!!

    Congratulations, guys! :dance: Have fun!
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    Chris and Jonny

    Quoting this because I just saw this and I think it's the cutest thing ever. :heart:
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    Your favourite 5 bands at the moment... in no order are...

    Florence + The Machine Foster The People MGMT The Naked and Famous Coldplay, I guess...
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    Florence + The Machine

    Holy moly, I just realised how amazing Remain Nameless is. Corkus, you were right. It sounds a bit like a Radiohead tune... I love it!
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    Florence + The Machine

    I'm not too sure if I really really like this new album... It's got some pretty great tracks, but most of the songs sound a bit too similar to one another... I don't know. Maybe it's because I wasn't really paying attention the first time I listened to the album all the way through, but I feel...
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    Chris hangs up on The Bert Show...then calls back

    That was a stupid question in the first place anyway. '...but she sort of has to say that, right?' I mean, wuuut? They said they threw a few other questions about G other than that one, so I get why he'd be uncomfortable. Plus, he seems to look really tired these days, so that exhaustion might...
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    Coldplay - Q Awards 2011 WINNERS - Best Act In The World (24th Oct 2011, London) // PHOTOS IN FIRST

    Does Chris have a gold tooth or summat? It's shining in that video...
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    Yeah I noticed the MX/A Hopeful Transmission tune echoing in this song. Made my hairs stand on end, it did.
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    [Review] NME Rates Mylo Xyloto 5/10 [Scan added Pg. 3]

    I lol'd. :laugh4: But I must say I do agree with NME this time... :\
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    Paradise *OFFICIAL MUSIC VIDEO!* (Youtube Video In First Post, plus 1-10 elephant poll))

    WHAT THE EFF? :laugh4: Ok, yeah, that was insanely cute. Love it. :heart: So glad they binned the Hype Williams version. We may never see that one, but I just thought that was cheesy as heck, and I generally don't like Hype Williams' videos.
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    Which singer would you have chosen to do Princess of China's female vocal?

    :laugh4: I still think Florence would've been great. I don't think there'd be as many angry/confused Coldplay fans if they chose Flo. But I think Natasha Khan would've been perfect.
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    Princess of China: Worst Coldplay song ever?

    I like it. Far from the best, but definitely not the worst. No, the worst is ETIAFW.
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    What do you think of the HLH studio version?

    It does sound too clean. I prefer the raw sound the live versions had. The robot Chris voice will probably take some getting used to, but this song is still one of the best off the album, in my opinion! ETA: MX sounds soooo good.
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    The PROS & CONS of "Princess of China" (plus 1-10 sliding poll)

    It's alright. It's just alright. I dunno. Didn't wow me or anything. It's just alright. Better than Paradise and ETIAW, though. I must say Rihanna sounds good, and I usually hate her nasal voice.