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  1. ksg_tarheelfan

    Dont Panic

    KAPONE was legendary. I learned a'many CP songs from him. YouTube was born just 4 to 5 months earlier than the orig post. This video seems really good as an answer, if it was being looked for. Tough strumming for sure. It essentially makes/breaks the song.
  2. ksg_tarheelfan

    Random Coldplay thoughts...

    When I became a Coldplay fan, I bought Live 2003, AROBTTH, and Parachutes...in that order. lol
  3. ksg_tarheelfan

    War of the Coldplay Songs

    A Ghost vs. Ghost Story
  4. ksg_tarheelfan

    Random Coldplay thoughts...

    IMO, Ghost Stories should have included, a studio version of "A Ghost," even if just a B-Side
  5. ksg_tarheelfan

    What is your favourite Coldplay song today?

    Charlie Brown Outro. I can't describe how it makes me feel. Completeness. Maybe it's close to that.
  6. ksg_tarheelfan

    What is your favourite Coldplay song today?

    "All I Can Think About it You" … "What if all I'm on earth to do, is solo? Then what a lone, poor shoe. I wanna walk in a-two." Those lyrics resonate with me.
  7. ksg_tarheelfan

    Secret Santa 2018 - A Head Full of Christmas Dreams

    I've never participated in this, but am thinking about it. I'm 33. Should I feel too old if I joined in?
  8. ksg_tarheelfan

    Colour Spectrum

    Reminds me of Poppy Fields and Harmless
  9. ksg_tarheelfan

    [2015-12-05] Coldplay At Capital FM's Jingle Bell Ball

    "We're sorry...our broadcasting rights don't allow us to stream outside of the UK..." *thumbs down ...BOO! BOOOO!
  10. ksg_tarheelfan

    [2015-12-03] BBC Radio 1 Special Show at St John’s Hackney Church, London

    What do you think is the meaning of that line?
  11. ksg_tarheelfan

    [18-SEP-2015] Coldplay iHeartRadio Music Festival, Las Vegas

    "This is my last song Vegas!" ....love hearing that because of what it means
  12. ksg_tarheelfan

    [18-SEP-2015] Coldplay iHeartRadio Music Festival, Las Vegas

    How long will each act be on stage?
  13. ksg_tarheelfan

    CP FANS around the world

    Charlotte, North Carolina... Gravity
  14. ksg_tarheelfan

    Coldplay explosion in US iTunes!

    P.O.C. (lol...isn't the acronym hilarious?) should have been left off the album. ETIAW should be the current single (if id hadn't been already been released before), and Moving to Mars should have been put in place on the album instead of PoC. Oh forgot . . . IMO.
  15. ksg_tarheelfan

    Princess of China and the similarity between a song of Vietnam !?

    haha...hilarious. It's The Florida State Seminole Chant too... go braves, btw.
  16. ksg_tarheelfan

    Princess of China and the similarity between a song of Vietnam !?

    during the intro and like parts during the song, I found myself humming/singing verses of Violet Hill...it fits kinda
  17. ksg_tarheelfan

    DAE think that Major Minus shouldn't be on Mylo Xyloto???

    Also, the version of 'Don't Panic' on Blue Room EP is different from the album release on Parachutes. The Blue Room EP version is more cryptic....i like the difference.
  18. ksg_tarheelfan

    So 'M.M.I.X' is another short instrumental

    Just like proclaimed UFO's, the song U.F.O is nonexistent...it will appear as a blank 1 minute track.
  19. ksg_tarheelfan

    Who else is pissed that this didn't make it on the MX track listing?

    I love this song...It kind of reminds me of something that would be on Parachutes.
  20. ksg_tarheelfan

    Noel Gallagher a fan of Coldplay's new material

    YAY! Lyrics battle! :dance: "Maybe I will never be, all the things that I'd like to be. Now is not the time to cry, now's the time to find out why. Maybe you're the same as me, we'll see things they'll never see. You and I: We're gonna live forever." "Take the time to make some...