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  1. greeneyes1207

    Secret Santa 2018 - A Head Full of Christmas Dreams

    I haven't received my gift yet ☹️
  2. greeneyes1207

    Very Disappointed Southeastern U.S. Fan

    Aww!!! Do a lot of people go to Hawaii? I'm trying to go to CA for all their dates, but I can't find any good tickets that won't max out my credit card!!
  3. greeneyes1207

    Ticket Exchange / Face Value Sales

    Anyone trying to sell decent Miami tickets?
  4. greeneyes1207

    [2017-08-28] Hard Rock Stadium, Miami, FL

    Is anyone selling tickets?
  5. greeneyes1207

    Very Disappointed Southeastern U.S. Fan

    Yeah, it's definitely true about the Dome + new stadium construction. But they've played in Phillips Arena before, so I don't know why they won't come back. Plus there's gotta be other stadiums in the south east other than just Miami. They picked the furthest point away from everyone...
  6. greeneyes1207

    Very Disappointed Southeastern U.S. Fan

    Also, I have been trying to use #ColdplayAtlanta and tweet at them as much as possible, but nada.
  7. greeneyes1207

    Very Disappointed Southeastern U.S. Fan

    I'm in Atlanta, GA too and I feel your pain!! They used to come here every tour, now nothing. :( Last year I went to Louisville and got a decent flight to Pittsburgh. I volunteered with Oxfam so my ticket was free, but it's still a lot of $$. I really want to get close floor seats and since I'm...
  8. greeneyes1207

    Anyone have Coldplay tattoos?

    I saw someone with the flower of life tattoo on their calf at the Atlanta airport the other day, we were going through security so I didn't want to bug him to ask if it was for Coldplay...but I can only hope :)
  9. greeneyes1207

    Looking for AHFOD lanyards/pass for my son.

    That looks awesome!!!
  10. greeneyes1207

    Coldplay Release Companion App for Hypnotised

    I'm having trouble finding it in the Google Play Store...what's it called, or does anyone have a link to it?
  11. greeneyes1207

    North American Leg 2017

    The pre-sale prices are absolutely insane!! I'm trying to get tickets for Miami, and they have the seating chart view, which is super interesting. First of all, Coldplay.com presale doesn't have any good seats (like nothing against the stage on the floor). You would think they'd give the fans up...
  12. greeneyes1207

    North American Leg 2017

    My thoughts exactly! I hope they can at least do Philips arena. The new stadium opens in June, but I hope they can secure something in Atlanta.
  13. greeneyes1207

    Will we get a 2017 North American presale?

    Make sure you're signed up for the Coldplay emails and you'll get it!
  14. greeneyes1207

    When will the North American tour of AHFOD happen?

    I'm def gonna try for Miami and DC! It looks like there's a ton of space between Miami and Seattle though so maybe they'll come to more South East states. I'm in Atlanta, and both places will take hours and hours to drive to!
  15. greeneyes1207

    Ticket Exchange Thread 2016 North America

    Aww!! I can't, I am flying back to Atlanta the morning after the concert! [emoji17] I wish I could though!! Sent from my SM-G920T using Tapatalk
  16. greeneyes1207

    Ticket Exchange Thread 2016 North America

    Anyone selling tickets for the Pittsburgh show?
  17. greeneyes1207

    [2016-08-04] CONSOL Energy Center, Pittsburgh, PA

    Is anyone selling tickets for this show? I'm volunteering with Oxfam with my brother so we'll get whatever they give us, but now we're thinking of buying floor seats.
  18. greeneyes1207

    [2016-07-27] KFC Yum! Center, Louisville, KY

    I think 109...I'll be at the Pittsburgh show too!!! :)