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    Random Questions

    I hope you will answer these random questions with me. :) 1. Your favorite female artists this moment in time? My answer: Florence and the Machine 2. An album you love from 1991? My answer: Pearl Jam’s Ten 3. An underrated artist you wish everyone knew? My answer: Brian Ernst 4...
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    The Snow Patrol Thread

    I also really enjoy "Open Your Eyes." "Run" is similar to that song in the sense of how it sounds cinematic. Does that make sense? :)
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    The Snow Patrol Thread

    I love Snow Patrol and I have seen them twice. They put on an amazing show, almost like a religious experience in terms of how much I get into their music. I know they aren't a religious band but man, they put on a great show! Gary is such a humble rock star. :)
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    Random Coldplay thoughts...

    Right, I agree. Unfortunately, I have never been to a Coldplay concert, but I can tell you as a Coldplay fan and what I have heard from friends who have seen them live, they put on an amazing show. Chris shouldn't doubt the fan's reception but asking, "Is everybody okay?" Maybe, "I know you guys...
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    What is your favourite Coldplay song today?

    “The Hardest Part” because the song seems relevant to life’s woes and hard times today. Lol. What beautiful lyrics!
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    You know you're addicted to Coldplay when...

    You own almost every Codplay album on vinyl, plus 2 live bootlegs from a record convention! I own like 7 Coldplay records! I love every one!
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    War of the Coldplay Songs

    Speed of Sound VS The Hardest Part
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    What We are Told About Self Love Poem

    Wow! What a wonderful thing to hear. I have my on YouTube channel now where I do my poetry. I actually sort of “rap” it! Lol. Here is a spiritual freestyle poem I did: Mobile Link: https://youtu.be/uUelrijL3oc I hope you like it. You can subscribe here...
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    What We are Told About Self Love Poem

    I love that video! Exactly what I needed to hear today! So thank you. Did you create that video by chance? I’ll check out the other things too.
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    Random Coldplay thoughts...

    I believe Chris Martin makes a lot of humble comments. He speaks very humbling, almost self-deprecating, while I find him endearing, but I wish he would give himself more credit.
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    What We are Told About Self Love Poem

    Here is a poem I wrote. I hope it inspires you to love yourself more! :) News media showing happiness is in sight 1st world problems of pressure of success Equivalent to hamster in a wheel getting no rest No wonder we can’t sleep at night We will never measure up, believe me...
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    Random Coldplay thoughts...

    Yes, it does have a somber overtone to it for sure. I have never listened to while driving in the rain. I bet that would enhance the experience. :) But I don’t get snow down here in Texas. Lol. Thanks for the tip. :)
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    Random Coldplay thoughts...

    That’s right. I need to be here more often and spread my thoughts with peeps. Lol.
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    Random Coldplay thoughts...

    Yes, very nice description indeed. And congrats on your 1000th post! :celebrate: I have a ways to go. Lol. :)
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    I am currently listening to....

    Coldplay - Always in my Head
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    Random Coldplay thoughts...

    Cool. And Ghost Stories flows so nicely as well. It feels like one long song sometimes, doesn’t it?
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    Random Coldplay thoughts...

    I really enjoy how mellow and chill Ghost Stories is. It’s like a laid-back Mylo Xyloto album, you know? Very melodic and simple (in a good way) like Mylo but more chill.
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    If the Answers Lie Within... Poem

    Here is another poem of mine. I hope you enjoy and feel uplifted in some way. Not a minute too soon I see the snow is turning to ice My plans are solidifying The drink is sweating I must move now But this gravity I’m fighting I’m a mouse looking for a way outside But there is something I...