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  1. cp3176

    Crappy Music

    https://youtu.be/7DYqxbE67Fk Masterpiece.
  2. cp3176

    New registered Coldplay songs!

    @FrankSchepers Big news! Glad to hear that they're recording again. Hopefully now they're working on some new stuff for us. Maybe we'll get to hear that other song too! And also nice I'm on vacation near the beach too haha @merril just because Guy wasn't there doesn't mean they didn't record...
  3. cp3176

    I am currently listening to....

    If you thought that was long...... Mobile Link: https://youtu.be/Qln2BP0Hh1U Mobile Link: https://youtu.be/-Hhn29j5GzU Mobile Link: https://youtu.be/n91oCok_6LM Mobile Link: https://youtu.be/imTyZuTeHDc Mobile Link: https://youtu.be/IEsX9YIbDmc
  4. cp3176

    Have you ever...?

    Not in one go, I'll let the next person ask the question, I have nothing on my mind right now and am short for time lol
  5. cp3176

    Write the first word that comes to mind.

  6. cp3176

    What are you thinking right now?

    Have the chorus to "My Friends" by RHCP stuck in my head.....
  7. cp3176

    LP8 Thread - Coldplay's Upcoming Album

    @42Escapist wow, I didn't know that this was actually an unreleased track from GS! The production of the track posted in the YT video doesn't really sound much like GS either and they claimed it was a AHFOD era track, they must have been wrong. Guess the original song must have been made in GS...
  8. cp3176

    The NAME GAME!

  9. cp3176

    A-Z of artist names

    Remember, this is the A-Z thread, not the other NAME GAME thread! We list the tracks from A to Z, the Name Game thread is where we continue off of the last letter. I myself messed up when I seen what we were doing beforehand and assumed this was that game without checking the title! Sorry about...
  10. cp3176

    The song Game!

    Next Year by Foo Fighters
  11. cp3176

    The 'Is It On Your iPod?' Game: ARTIST VERSION!

    Yup Black Eyed Peas
  12. cp3176

    Your Playlists

    Wow, so many people know of them on here! Wasn't expecting this. I was talking to someone sometime back who had a song of theirs in their playlist and I think they were from around that place too. That's why me, living in Canada, knows of this very niche band. They have good music though! I got...
  13. cp3176

    LP8 Thread - Coldplay's Upcoming Album

    I initially thought it was gonna be some fake recreation of an "unreleased" song but that sounds interesting. Somebody lemme know if a better quality version of this becomes available. Not that YouTube quality will stop me from getting these unreleased songs. :D This is also interesting, and...
  14. cp3176

    Another Band Game

  15. cp3176

    The NAME GAME!

    Kid Rock
  16. cp3176

    A-Z of artist names

    Uncle Kracker
  17. cp3176

    The song Game!

    Team by Lorde
  18. cp3176

    The 'Is It On Your iPod?' Game: ARTIST VERSION!

    No Daniel Powter
  19. cp3176

    LP8 Thread - Coldplay's Upcoming Album

    I don't think @driftaguy is trying to turn this into a Billie Eilish fan forum. They were just explaining to @pansonic how Billie Eilish is probably not "artificially manufactured overhyped trash". I couldn't see how she could be compared to 1D in any way, shape or form, besides being in a broad...
  20. cp3176

    Your Playlists

    @Gideon_Mx what? Someone else knows Racoon?!!?!