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    That was the sweetest story!! :nice: How nice for you :)
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    [1-Jun-2012] Coldplay @ Emirates Stadium, London, UK

    Yeah I was kind of the same! I saw the C stage early on had some sort of spaces, but was lazy and sat in the seats for a while :P when I met my friends who'd volunteered for Oxfam, we just stood so we'd get second row for the C stage. It was fantastic to see the band so close, even if only for...
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    [1-Jun-2012] Coldplay @ Emirates Stadium, London, UK

    Thanks so much for filming that... it was amazing!!! :nice: How long so many of us have waited to hear it :) (the only bad thing was that most people around me were talking at that point, so it's nice to remember it like this)
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    [1-Jun-2012] Coldplay @ Emirates Stadium, London, UK

    Great photos! I think I must have been standing right behind you when they came to this stage, my videos have exactly the same viewpoint! :D I'd never watched them at this stage before, it was really good and amazingly close!! (although I'll admit I did miss being as close for the rest of the...
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    [1-Jun-2012] Coldplay @ Emirates Stadium, London, UK

    Here's a video of the intro to Charlie Brown... Charlie Brown intro at Coldplay Emirates Stadium 01/06/12 - YouTube :dance:
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    [1-Jun-2012] Coldplay @ Emirates Stadium, London, UK

    HAHA! I came here to post that... but it's already here :D thanks Jen! I have some more to upload. I wish I was back there :/
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    [1-Jun-2012] Coldplay @ Emirates Stadium, London, UK

    For people moaning about it not being completely dark, yes, it wasn't completely dark for the wristbands with Hurts like Heaven, but for all the other songs a little later, it was perfectly dark :)
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    [1-Jun-2012] Coldplay @ Emirates Stadium, London, UK

    Just got back from London... it was an awesome gig! :dance: The stadium was a great venue. The fireworks were also amazing!! I couldn't get there very early, so it was nice not to queue up for hours for once and just wander around the pitch and seating area getting some different views. Luckily...
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    [1-Jun-2012] Coldplay @ Emirates Stadium, London, UK

    Really looking forward to Friday... :D Anna, I'll have to try and find you girls to say hello :nice:
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    Coldplay - The Journey So Far (From Laurel Tree to Glastonbury)

    Thanks, I really enjoyed watching that. Reminds me that they are always my favourite band :heart:
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    [9-Dec-2011] Coldplay @ O2 Arena, London, UK

    I think there is only one entrance for standing tickets! That's better really :)
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    [10-Dec-2011] Under 1 Roof charity show @ O2 Arena, London, UK

    I think they're doing it on purpose to create the illusion of the gig (well particular areas like standing) being sold out... letting tickets go slowly. It's a shame... if they'd announced this gig a lot earlier, I think more tickets would have sold but it was a bit late notice. I hope for...
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    [4-Dec-2011] Coldplay @ MEN Arena, Manchester, UK

    oh my goodness... that's sooooooo good!!! :o Really hope I can hear it some time... it's one of my favourites.
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    [3-Dec-2011] Coldplay @ SECC, Glasgow, Scotland

    That's the best news ever!!!!!! (as long as it's not a one-off :P )
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    [10-Dec-2011] Under 1 Roof charity show @ O2 Arena, London, UK

    Ahhhh nooooooo! :cry: I thought you were probably all out of paying for gigs at the moment! I should have mentioned it anyway... bah.
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    [10-Dec-2011] Under 1 Roof charity show @ O2 Arena, London, UK

    I bought a ticket for this yesterday on a whim... looks like I did it just in time, no standing tickets left! Wish that I'd got one for the 9th but hey, hopefully this will be good... plus I quite enjoy Tinie Tempah's songs (avoids the objects being pelted at me :P )
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    [24-Nov-2011] Little Noise Sessions St John-at-Hackney, London, UK [Chris and Jonny only]

    Very nice pics! :nice: Tambourine woman was so irritating... she must have had a few drinks and couldn't understand why she wasn't wanted. :angry:
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    Post pictures of the gorgeous Chris

    I liked his biker boots :D hahaha...