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    Coldplay lyrics in your own language!

    "The lights go out and I can't be saved Tides that I tried to swim against Have brought me down upon my knees Oh I beg, I beg and plead, singing" Svijetla se gase i ja ne mogu bit spašen Plime protiv kojih sam pokušavao plivat su me srušile na koljena Prosim, prosim i molim, pjevajući Clocks...
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    CP FANS around the world

    Zagreb, Croatia Trouble
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    Where should Coldplay visit for their next world tour?

    Croatia!!!!! :dozey: Its about time Phil! :)
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    Rate the latest movie you've seen

    I have seen 50 SoG. And I dont know what to tell you. If you have the expectations I had you won't be very disappointed.I expected two and a half of hours of being really REALLY bored and I was just bored. Don't pay money to see it. If you're really interested wait, it will be online soon. Its...
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    Are you the Gwyneth Paltrow of your friend group? http://www.buzzfeed.com/alexalvarez/my-dear-friend-gwynnie#.faYJg9eNJ Also I think she looked stunning at the Oscars.
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    The Kodaline Thread

    I really wanted to wait but couldn't. Sorry Kodaline! :kiss: I love it! :) :heart: I was expecting it to be a bit more produced than the first one. They really are going in Coldplay direction and I'm really really fine with it.
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    Glastonbury Festival 2015

    I'll sneak you in! :P
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    Glastonbury Festival 2015

    So last night when I saw this "news" about Gasto I tweeted about Coldplay coming to a festival in Croatia (INmusic) This is the tweet https://twitter.com/LndnSky/status/562724657636597763 and they (the festival) favored my tweet, later on I continue to tweet in Croatian with them and they...
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    A thread for Arlene Moon

    We all want her job. And I remember when half of the Berry thread was freaking out cause someone somewhere posted that they were dating. :)
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    The Official Phil is Hot thread (now known as the greet Phil thread :P)

    I couldn't figure out Rafi and couldn't remember the name of Jonny's daughter. I love it that Joanna still has her place. There were people on twitter saying that the last J is for J. Law which was hard to believe but.
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    The Official Phil is Hot thread (now known as the greet Phil thread :P)

    So did anyone decoded other letters?
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    Share music from your country!

    https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=E_telhyNDag this is one of my favourite Croatian songs.
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    Type the lyrics of song you are listening to right now

    ooooh oooooh oohoooooh ooooooooh (im at work and some stupid song is playing on the radio and last 5mins its been just oooooooooohhhhooooo)
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    Concerts/Artists you have seen/Are planning to see

    Seeing The Fratellies, Crystal Fighters, Foals :D, Bombay Bicycle Club :D, The Black Keys :D and MGMT in next 3 days. :) I'm so excited!
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    Game of Thrones ( A song of ice and fire HBO adaptation)

    Yeah I was disappointed that "the big thing" didnt happen. But I liked the episode. Can't wait what will be with Bran and The Children.
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    Rate the latest movie you've seen

    A long way down 7/10 The book is still waaay better
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    What's the weather like today in your town?

    Its night now, but it was 35°C today and suuuunny. :veryangry2:
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    6 degrees of seperation coldplay

    A guy I know (my mum's friend) does delivery for Harrods and he delivered Tom Ford's suit to Chris in 2012, he opened the door and they had a chat.
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    I couldn't agree more with that man.