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  1. Aleluvscp

    War of the Coldplay Songs

    Death and All His Friends VS Til Kingdom Come :)
  2. Aleluvscp

    True Love is the next video? *Official video released*

    Ok what the hell. This song is absolutely beautiful, it's raw and emotional, bearing no connection whatsoever to this video. I'm confused.
  3. Aleluvscp

    The reasons I am not feeling well today

    Oh Em that's me every day for the past 6 years bleugh, sometimes I wonder if I'll grow out of this childish obsession-filled phase but I really don't think so :P
  4. Aleluvscp

    Ghost Story

    I'm in love with this song! It sounds like some of their older B-sides but with a clear improvement. Very impressed!
  5. Aleluvscp


    I like it! I didn't really like MX but this seems like a darker side to it and it's actually quite nice :)
  6. Aleluvscp

    Ask the Oracle on Coldplay.com (Now in session!)

    Jonny HAS indeed stated that he's not fond of singing backing vocals live because he's not very good at playing the guitar and singing at the same time :smug:
  7. Aleluvscp

    What is your favourite Coldplay song today?

    Animals (the live version)
  8. Aleluvscp

    Anyone have Coldplay tattoos?

    My bf is ok with tattoos but doesn't like Coldplay... or God, so we're definitely not in agreement with my GPASUYF tat
  9. Aleluvscp

    Anyone have Coldplay tattoos?

    Bumping this thread because it's one of my favs and also because I'll be getting my GOD PUT A SMILE UPON YOUR FACE tatoo in a few days and I'm excited to show everyone :) It'll also be in the old Coldplay font (Albertus Medium) from my favorite CP era. :wideeyed:
  10. Aleluvscp

    ColdplayFilm - MX Live DVD

    Even though this is a different band to the one I fell in love with, the Live 2012 was a nice insight to their life as a band and the concert was spectacular, I truly enjoyed it. If there's something they know how to do it's put on a show, it was magical and exciting. I couldn't help but bawl...
  11. Aleluvscp

    A general notice to Coldplay fans

    Truth at it's best
  12. Aleluvscp

    The Strokes

    "We're sorry. CBS radio is unavailable from your current location." :stunned: :stunned: :stunned: :bigcry:
  13. Aleluvscp

    Coldplay: Greatest downfall in the history of music?

    Remember when we used to say they were the best band in the world? Yea, there's no point in claiming that now. They didn't try hard enough this time. I know for a fact that us fans have tried for years to be there, supporting them and sometimes even TRYING to like their new and unimproved sound...
  14. Aleluvscp

    Every teardrop is just a teardrop

    That most definitely wasn't Arcade Fire, but he's right for hating on the song anyway.
  15. Aleluvscp

    The 'negative' ETIAW discussion

    No, there are things i don't understand (teehee) A Whisper "clearly" the worst song off the album? Um that might only be clear in your head. The only doubtful song on there would probably be In My Place (imo)
  16. Aleluvscp

    The 'negative' ETIAW discussion

    Took the words right out of my mouth
  17. Aleluvscp

    The 'negative' ETIAW discussion

    A Whisper is wonderful, what the hell are you on?
  18. Aleluvscp

    New Coldplay eh?