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    ** 2010 Top 50 Coldplay Song List - (closed) **

    1. Viva La Vida 2. The Scientist 3. Politik 4. In My Place 5. 42 6. Lovers in Japan 7. Fix You 8. The Hardest Part/Postcards from Far Away 9. Strawberry Swing 10. Yellow 11. Life in Technicolor ii 12. Death and All His Friends 13. A Rush of Blood to the Head 14. Speed of Sound 15. X&Y 16. Lost...
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    HELP! Wristbands at Concerts.. Sydney

    thank you!!!!! made with love!
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    HELP! Wristbands at Concerts.. Sydney

    Hi!!!! First off, just want to say that the concert on 14th March in Sydney was LIFE CHANGING and the most amazing experience of my life. Secondly, I was wondering if anyone could help me?? At the merchandise stands there were these flyers that were advertising some wristbands you could...