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  1. Osaka Sun

    What is your Favourite Coldplay Song and why?

    i honestly have tonnes of faves - so many that i cant choose just one to be my sole fave so one of my favourites is ink: its by far my fave song from ghost stories and cheers me up whenever i need it, the melody played by the guitar throughout makes the whole song more uplifting and paired...
  2. Osaka Sun

    dont panic - ukulele chords

    dont panic Am, C, F, F (x2) Am-----------------C----------------F-----------------F bones sinking like stones, all that weve fought for Am-------------------C---------------------F------------F homes places weve grown, all of us are done for chorus: Dm--------------Dm6...
  3. Osaka Sun


    hey! im a fan from australia! ive been a fan since i first heard paradise back in 2011! i love everything from pre-parachutes to AHFOD (and im really enjoying the up and up remix atm) i cant wait to make new friends - osaka sun xoxo