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  1. Empy

    LP8 Thread - Coldplay's Upcoming Album

    I saw an interesting theory in the Discord. What if the album is called "1919"? Their poster doesn't say "22 November 1919", but rather "22 November, 1919". What if we're supposed to read this the same way as if it were to say "4 December, A Head Full of Dreams"? I mean, that Kirboh person's...
  2. Empy

    LP8 Thread - Coldplay's Upcoming Album

    By the way, are we sure it's Nietzsche in that picture? They date it as 22 November 1919, but Nietzsche died in 1900. Isn't there a similarly moustached musician from that era who was alive in 1919 and better fits the Fool's Gold theme?
  3. Empy

    LP8 Thread - Coldplay's Upcoming Album

    That sounds quite logical. Teasers on Thursday, single Friday and then the album announcement on Friday or early next week. But I do wonder where ColdplayXtra got that information from. Nando from Discord fed them the empty poster space photo's and said on Discord that the station personnel told...
  4. Empy

    LP8 Thread - Coldplay's Upcoming Album

    ColdplayXtra are now reporting that station personnel said the poster was taken down because it was put up too early. It should've gone up Thursday the 17th.
  5. Empy

    LP8 Thread - Coldplay's Upcoming Album

    I remember it as if it were yesterday. When the teaser came out, I immediately thought we were getting some heavier Coldplay stuff. The guitar part reminded me of Guns 'n Roses' Sweet Child of Mine and I fully expected a Coldplay take on that. Then the full song came and Jonny was playing this...
  6. Empy

    LP8 Thread - Coldplay's Upcoming Album

    Yeah, I spotted that as well. The teaser was definitely fake. Though the artwork was quite okay, the audio just sounded fake. Not even fake as in it didn't sound like Coldplay, but fake as in made with fake instruments through an app like FL Studio or Garageband. I've been following that...
  7. Empy

    LP8 Thread - Coldplay's Upcoming Album

    Share it anyway! I'm always interested in what kind of theories people come up with regarding new Coldplay material.
  8. Empy

    LP8 Thread - Coldplay's Upcoming Album

    Yeah, I know it's a bit opportunistic to say the least, but I'm just putting the dots together based on the rumors and info we currently have. We know that for some reason, the music industry decided on Friday as their weekly new music day. The band are rumored to make an appearance at Rock the...
  9. Empy

    LP8 Thread - Coldplay's Upcoming Album

    Do you mean that Rock the Vote thing? According to the tweet Coldplay retweeted, that takes place on October 21. If Coldplay are planning on following a similar marketing strategy to AHFOD (which went from teaser to full release within 5 weeks), October 18th would be a great date to drop a new...
  10. Empy

    LP8 Thread - Coldplay's Upcoming Album

    Yeah, the mix on AICTAIY is terrible. It's such a great song, but the mix makes it sound like it's played underwater. It really doesn't do that epic guitar solo justice.
  11. Empy

    AHFOD Film - Prime Account

    The film isn't available on Prime Video in the Netherlands yet. Does anyone with a Prime subscription in a location where it is available know if the film is offered in 4K or just 1080p?
  12. Empy

    Coldplay to debut new song for Estamos Unidos Mexicanos concert

    So any idea on when we can expect either a studio version or a video of the live performance on Youtube, Spotify, iTunes etc? They said proceeds would go to various disaster relief efforts, but with no legal streaming/purchasing option available yet there isn't much the impatient fans can do...
  13. Empy

    AHFOD Clothing

    I don't, but keep in mind that these aren't store bought. The mandalas, tie-dye's and other AHFOD logo's and patches are custom made.
  14. Empy

    A L I E N S

    Those backgroundvocals really remind me of David Bowie, especially his contribution to Arcade Fire's Reflektor.
  15. Empy

    A L I E N S

    It is, but in a very positive way. This song is unlike anything they've done so far
  16. Empy

    Chris Martin Acoustic Guitar sound

    Hi everyone! I'm wondering if anyone knows how to get a similar acoustic guitar sound like Chris does when he plays it in acoustic performances. This version of Hymn for the Weekend from Conan has that sound I'm looking to get. Mobile Link: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=x38T1Wyq49M This...
  17. Empy

    [2017-7-6] Coldplay To Perform At The Global Citizen Festival in Hamburg, Germany

    I'm catching up right now on the youtube stream. Shakira on Yellow works really well, but it sounds like there's something wrong with her audio. It almost sounds like it's dampened somehow
  18. Empy

    A L I E N S

    Does anyone know if we'll get a midnight release for A L I E N S or if it'll premiere at a radio show?
  19. Empy

    Speculations For Further 2017 Dates?

    That's unlikely. They already have 22 American dates planned from August to October and did an American stint of 23 shows in support of AHFOD last year.
  20. Empy

    Kaleidoscope EP

    I'm a bit bummed that that they already announced the EP back in March and released Hypnotised back then. If Miracles 2 is a rework in the fashion of Lost+, the only real new track left to discover is A L I E N S.