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  1. ErosNightleaf

    Just realized something cool about the song lengths

    While listening to Ghost Stories earlier today, specifically O, I was wondering a little at why the band/producer/label/anyone else chose that specific length of time between the first song of the track, Fly On, and the second part to the track, O. I thought it was a general amount of time to...
  2. ErosNightleaf

    Don Quixote Studio Version

    (note: below are live recordings not studio) Mobile Link: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=3YBlXnXuGDw Mobile Link: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=dft9fDFLEh0 ^ two different recordings of the live song (but same playing of the song; it was only played once) Who would love Coldplay to record...
  3. ErosNightleaf

    Single Version... What are your opinions?

    I loved it but honestly the quote at the end was completely unrelated and kinda show offey. Other than that the recording was way better than the album version.
  4. ErosNightleaf

    Opinions on the EP?

    Tell me your opinions! Was it a disappointment or did it live up to your expectations?
  5. ErosNightleaf

    Viva La Vida Controversy?

    I'm curious about the true story of what happened with the whole problem with Viva La Vida and If I Could Fly sounding suspiciously familiar. I know coldplay got sued and I think lost the sure but what happened exactly? I've heard a couple different stories but I'm curious as to what actually...
  6. ErosNightleaf

    What is this song called?

    I was browsing through youtube and found a song that claimed to be a new Coldplay song called "Believe" or "Believe in your dreams" but I listened to it and it clearly wasn't Coldplay. In fact it kind of sounded like Imagine Dragons but I couldn't find a song named that by them either...