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    Symbols on Mylo Xyloto Tour Program

    I've just come across the cover of the Mylo Xyloto tour program (https://merchbar.imgix.net/product/34/239/fxamcol54057/COL54057.JPG) and noticed the 14 symbols down the side. I then realised that each one represents a song on a track list of the album with some unreleased songs in place of the...
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    Avicii - Lethal Drug (featuring Chris Martin)

    Here's a preview: https://youtu.be/VzQXaTdG9EI
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    New album from Natasha Bedingfield

    Natasha Bedingfield's first album in about 10 years is going to be released in a week's time. The album is called Roll With Me and was produced by Linda Perry (of 4 Non Blondes). https://music.apple.com/us/album/roll-with-me/1473532947 Several songs have already been released - Roller Skate...
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    Draft tracklist (includes several Prospekt's March songs)

    1. Life in Technicolor (instrumental) 2. Cemeteries of London 3. Lost! 4. 42 5. Lovers in Japan 6. Death and all his friends (preceeded by "School") 7. Reign of Love 8. Yes 9. Chinese Sleep Chant 10. Viva la vida 11. Strawberry Swing 12. Life in Technicolor 13. The Escapist 14. Violet Hill 15...
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    B-Side EPs

    If all the b-sides from the AROBTTH and X&Y eras were each released as EPs, what order would you list the songs and would you leave any out? A Rush of Blood To The Head era One I Love I Bloom Blaum 1’ 36" I Ran Away Crests of Waves Animals Murder Moses (Live) X&Y era Things I Don’t...