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  1. K

    Songs Played Before AHFOD Concerts?

    I've been wondering about this for a while. I've only identified White Diamond by Hatchback and I didn't think to Shazam anything. Could someone help with this?
  2. K


    Currently Doing Song Names For: PARACHUTES (Your song name must be from Parachutes, until I change the album) Ok so I decided to make my own song name game. The twist is YOU HAVE TO PUT THE SONG NAME IN ALBUM ORDER! MAKE SURE YOUR SONG NAME IS IN ALL CAPS OR PUT IT IN PARENTHESES! AND MAKE...
  3. K

    Evolution of the AHFOD Tour Rig

    So this thread is just going to be about the evolution of the rig you see in the AHFOD tour. I'll add photos when I can, so right now it will be mostly text. LET ME KNOW IF ANYTHING IS INCORRECT!!!!!!! January 2016 - Coldplay reveals a prototype of the stage. It resembles a main stage shaped...
  4. K

    North American Leg 2017

    COLDPLAY TODAY ANNOUNCED DATES FOR THEIR NORTH AMERICAN TOUR IN 2017! HERE'S THE DATES... Tue Aug 01 – New York, NY – MetLife Stadium Fri Aug 04 – Boston, MA – Gillette Stadium Sun Aug 06 – Washington, DC – FedExField Tue Aug 08 – Montreal, QC – Bell Centre Sat Aug 12 – Minneapolis, MN – US...
  5. K

    Speculations For Further 2017 Dates?

    UPDATE: COLDPLAY JUST TEASED US AND CANADA DATES! This is just a thread for speculations, rumours, and anything about further 2017 dates that could be announced. Such dates might include: -US/Canada Dates -UK/Europe Dates And even dates in places that likely will not get a concert, but I'll...
  6. K

    If Hurts Like Heaven Was Played Again

    Just curious, but if Coldplay were to play Hurts Like Heaven for the AHFOD tour, how were they to start it? Would they have to start the song with Mylo Xyloto so the beginning isn't so abrupt, or would they make a new intro for it. Thoughts, ideas?
  7. K

    What Is The Name of This Image?

    I completely forgot, but what is the name for this image? I feel like the name was Circle of Life, but that can't be right because AHFOD was the flower of life. Hey, you never know. It just went out of my head. Now I forgot the name for it. It was used as neon tubes in the MX tour so I was...
  8. K

    Synth Used In ETIAW Intro?

    This has been asked on other sites a ton of times but looking at some other threads here, this might be able to get answered. At the very beginning of Every Teardrop Is a Waterfall, there's the synth intro (not the outro from M.M.I.X that continues into the beginning of ETIAW, but the intro...