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  1. ColdMartin

    Los Unidades

    Damn I didn’t realize how much i missed coldplay until today
  2. ColdMartin

    LP8 Thread - Coldplay's Upcoming Album

    i think we will se the LP8 sometime next year , it's about time lovely people
  3. ColdMartin

    A Head Full of Dreams Film - In Cinemas Nov.14

    is there other way to watch this film other than go to cinema ? : (
  4. ColdMartin

    Kaleidoscope EP

    ok WTF is this ?
  5. ColdMartin

    Linkin Park

    I've been listening to them my whole life to the very last album , it's wired how most of the songs they wrote make sense now RIP Chester .. i will never forget your voice
  6. ColdMartin

    [2017-7-16] Stade de France, Paris, France

    wow Hypnotised performance was so ..... lazy
  7. ColdMartin

    Kaleidoscope EP

    Excellent EP .. this my first time i bought something ( digital ) from ITunes lol still I'm going to get the CD Virsion
  8. ColdMartin

    Miracles (Someone Special) ft. Big Sean

    While Coldplay get into this poppy songs or radio-frindely direction still they make an unique , different kind of Pop songs even For AHFOD .. there's different of what Coldplay writing and what you hear 99% of the Songs in the radio .. i love the message that band keep sending it .. we live in...
  9. ColdMartin

    Kaleidoscope EP

    shhh he's been having a hard time
  10. ColdMartin

    Kaleidoscope EP

    Kaleidoscope EP ( EP Mix )
  11. ColdMartin

    Kaleidoscope EP

    but we still missing the studio version of Miracles ( Someone Special )
  12. ColdMartin

    Rank The Kaleidoscope EP Tracks

    1. A L I E N S 2. Hypnotised 3- Miracles (Someone Special) .. need to hear the studio version though 4- Something Just Like this 5- All I Can Think About Is You love this EP .. Nostalgia vs Modern
  13. ColdMartin

    Kaleidoscope EP

    expecting All I Can Think About Is You ( EP Mix ) now and next month will be A L I E N S turn
  14. ColdMartin

    Kaleidoscope EP

    or Chris just saying " we never enjoyed making a songs more than this one , it’s my favourite thing we’ve ever done "
  15. ColdMartin

    Kaleidoscope EP

    it's a kaleidoscope man
  16. ColdMartin

    A L I E N S

    please make an album full of this style
  17. ColdMartin

    Kaleidoscope EP

    and Chris thinking it's the next big thing
  18. ColdMartin

    Kaleidoscope EP

    hold on brother you wait so long .. i believe in you
  19. ColdMartin

    Kaleidoscope EP

    i will not listen to Miracles until the EP release after 5 minutes wow this song is actually good
  20. ColdMartin

    A L I E N S

    i don't think i can resist a week