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    coldplay portugal

    é o Harrison Ford, no "Blade Runner"! :o já tinha saudades de ti a dizer mal dos meus avatares! :D :lol:
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    Artist vs. Artist Game...

    Muse vs The Black Keys
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    I am currently listening to....

    Money For Nothing - Dire Straits
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    coldplay portugal

    Na página principal do forum, do lado esquerdo, ao lado do threads todos! :o com barretes verdes :lol: É porque não venho cá desde Agosto...:awesome:
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    Rate the latest movie you've seen

    The Hobbit - 9/10 I don't care about what other people or critics say, this movie is stunning! It's no Lord of the Rings and the beginning is a little slow (some parts look like a "come visit neo-zealand" video, with all those landscapes), but it's a beautiful movie. The music is amazing...
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    Artist vs. Artist Game...

    :bomb: Muse vs The Maccabees
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    Favourite Song from the band above !

    Porcelain :P I'm not a big fan of him... Arcade Fire
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    rate the band above you.

    Never heard of them... Alice Cooper
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    Another "Another game.."?

    AKB48 – Baby! Baby! Baby!
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    The 'Is It On Your iPod?' Game: ARTIST VERSION!

    No The Black Keys
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    coldplay portugal

    Que raio aconteceu a este forum? :o Passo uns meses sem cá vir e depois é só pais natais por todo o lado?? :| Que medoo...este ano o espirito natalicio está em alta :lol: Btw, boas tardes! :) vejo que isto anda mais parado :P
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    The song Game!

    Yellow - Coldplay
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    What are you listening to?

    The National - Terrible Love
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    When was the last time you...? game

    Sunday sq
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    Answer the question above you

    Spaghetti Bolognese :awesome: sq
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    Have you ever...?

    God no! :lol: sq
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    Spit or Swallow...

    Spit Shawarma
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    Take it or Leave it

    Leave Leaf
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    (game) The Next poster...

    As a person that walks to school everyday, no, i don't :lol: specially the combination between rain and wind :P sq