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    [2016-05-26] Estadi Olímpic, Barcelona, Spain

    Hola a [email protected]! Voy a ir al concierto, hizé este póster/cártel para el concierto Hi guys! I made this poster by myself See you at the concert guys!
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    Zone française

    Coucou:):) ça va bien?
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    Zone française

    Bonjour tout le monde!!!! Réveillons-nous les français ou francophones :P
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    What are you listening to?

    Sigur Rós - Valtari <3 <3 a beautiful and wonderful album :D
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    HOLA !!!! Bienvenido que disfrutes el forum che !!! :) hay algunos latinos por aquí ya veras hay una sección de cada países en el foró ;) Hasta prontitoooo! Viva La Vida
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    Zone française

    yeah quelle ambiance de feu il y avait !!! j´ai adoré :D woooooohaaa! 12 concerts depuis 2005 ... tu as fait le double de mois dans la meme période !!!! en tout cas si tu as l´occasion de faire le bénévolat à Boston fonces !!!! c´est une excellente expérience effectivement et tu rencontres...
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    Zone française

    Hola salut à tous :) J´ai été au concert de Nice et en faisant du bénévolat pour la campagne d´OXFAM dont Coldplay soutien l´ONG depuis 2002 ;) Aussi c´était mon premier concert de la tournée Mylo Xyloto Tour !!! mais en tout mon 6ème concert de Coldplay ... :P c´était la deuxième fois que j´y...
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    [18-Apr-2012] Coldplay @ Scotiabank Saddledome, Calgary, AB, Canada

    thanks a lot for the video ;) anyway they played DLIBYH after Yellow NOT after Warning Sign like the other gig hehe
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    [18-Apr-2012] Coldplay @ Scotiabank Saddledome, Calgary, AB, Canada

    setlist of tonight : Mylo Xyloto Hurts Like Heaven In My Place Major Minus Lovers In Japan The Scientist Yellow A Hopeful Transmission (intro to DLIBYH) Don't Let It Break Your Heart Violet Hill God Put A Smile Upon Your Face B-Stage Princess of China Up in Flames Warning Sign...
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    HOLA Argentinaaaaaaaaaa :) Hola queridas y queridos coldplayers :) ¿que tal?
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    [20-May-2012] Coldplay @ Estadio Vicente Calderón, Madrid, Spain

    muchísima gracias Alba :D :wink3: Chauuuuu
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    What is your favourite Coldplay song today?

    The Scientist
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    [20-May-2012] Coldplay @ Estadio Vicente Calderón, Madrid, Spain

    Hey everybody I live in Barcelona and I want to know if someone sell a ticket for the concert in Madrid? I don´t have got a ticket I wanted to go to the concert :) can anyone help me? Thanks to everybody ;) see you soon! Hola a todos, vivo en Barcelona y quisiera saber si ¿alguien vende una...
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    Count to a million!

    53 023
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    A-Z People Game!!!

    Deschanel Zooey :heart: :heart: :heart:
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    COUNT UP TO 1000!!!

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    Coldplay In Your Life Soundtrack

    Trouble - first song I´ve heard of them. Politik - this song first time I listened it gave me lot of shiver in me ... the lyrics, I like how the song is building/made. The Scientist - first song I learnt on the piano and one of the songs of my life. Lovers In Japan - I remember lot of good...
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    Hi! From Turkey

    Hey ! Welcome man ! Enjoy and have fun here !! :)
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    Hello from Germany

    Hallo Paracuty ! Wie Geht´s? Willkomen am Coldplaying !!! Bis spater! ENJOY :)
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    A-Z People Game!!!

    Alba Jessica