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    It's clear: "Paradise" - made for new, not old fans

    I'd rather be bored than listen to this mainstream shit. Edit: Very well said dear :heart:
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    The Strokes

    I'm in love with the cover of the Cars they did with Jarvis Cocker! They were really good at Reading :nice:
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    The Black Keys

    Damn it, they're coming to France in january but in the middle of the week D: Anyone has already seen them live here? :nice:
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    The Beatles

    Really looking forward to this movie! I've been so obsessed with them lately, even started to play guitar and piano so I could play some songs :} I also bought a few vinyls <3
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    Vinyl Freaks and Geeks

    Here are mines! Vinyls are really beautiful and I love their sound, wish I'd have enough of them to entirely cover my walls :wacky: I have a turntable but it's so old I can't plug it :|
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    Bon Iver

    So beautiful <3
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    New Coldplay eh?

    Musical diarrhea. Acoustic record my ass!
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    The Damon Albarn thread.

    I HATE RAVENS.. but this picture is cute :} Oh yes solo album pretty please! I agree about the trailer, this is really interesting! Aaand I'll leave this here for you Liz --> :heart:
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    The Strokes

    Thanks hun! Your vid is really cool as well! Love how you can't actually hear Julian xD And I totally agree with what you said about festivals! I'd rather see my favorite bands at their own gigs though :nice: Your vids are so great! The sound is really clear too, especially Julian's voice...
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    Arcade Fire

    So jealous! You canadian people are too spoilt when it comes to Arcade Fire.. oh wait :wacko: Have fun! And send kisses to Richard for me :charming:
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    The Strokes

    Yeah you're right, just had a look at the length of their songs and they all last about 3 minutes, I guess all the difference is there, cause a 19 songs set is pretty normal to me :nice: Actually FIOE is my least favorite album by them, I just wish they have played Heart in a cage or Ize of the...
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    Pictures, webcams, mugshots etc etc etc

    Haha I guess she was bending or something. Hey now we've met indirectly :O
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    Your favourite 5 bands at the moment... in no order are...

    ^Tame Impala <3 The Beatles Arcade Fire The Strokes Bon Iver The National
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    Portishead's Geoff Barrow: 'Coldplay's fireworks ruin festivals'

    This. I don't give a damn about fireworks, just focus on the music plz
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    The Strokes

    Okay, the Strokes were so fucking epic live, I still can’t get over it! And I’m saying this despite all the negative parts of the show. Came there at 11am with my sister and had quite a fun day queuing and talking to people. Too bad coming early ended up totally useless, as they blocked our...
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    Pictures, webcams, mugshots etc etc etc

    Awww you girls are so cute :heart: And Lore you don't look that small compared to Imke, haha
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    The Black Keys

    Magic Potion and Attack and Release are so good as well! I'd love to be able to play songs like Just got to be on the guitar as well :}
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    The Strokes

    Ooh I'm sorry you were disappointed Jo :\ Hope you still enjoyed the show despite all the problems... Aaand I'm leaving for Paris, the Strokes tomorrow :awesome: