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  1. hente44

    The Butterfly Package - AHFOD Live Album/Movie

    Live In Sao Paulo is not available in the Norwegian iTunes Store. Does anyone know where to get my hands on it? I live in 2018, so I don't own a DVD player, haha. Such a shame when I'm ready to give Coldplay money for it, but they won't let me buy it from anywhere..
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    Army of One
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    Wow, I didn't see this until now. I'm so sorry. Thank you very much, though :-)

    Wow, I didn't see this until now. I'm so sorry. Thank you very much, though :-)
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    Rank The Songs From A Head Full of Dreams!

    Everglow - 9/10 Amazing Day - 8/10 Adventure of a Lifetime - 7.5/10 Fun - 7/10 Birds - 6.5/10 A Head Full of Dreams - 6.5/10 Army of One - 6/10 Up&Up - 6/10 Hymn for the Weekend - 6/10 Kaleidoscope - 5/10 X Marks The Spot - 3/10 Colour Spectrum - 3/10
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    [2015-11-26] Chris Martin Interview with Zane Lowe (Beats 1)

    It's beautiful. Their "fullest" ballad sound wise, and it works really well.
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    A Song-Title Game

    The Rolling Stones - Start Me Up
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    A Song-Title Game

    System of a Down - F*ck the System
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    [19-June-2014] Enmore Theatre, Sydney, Australia

    Could someone Shazam it? I am listening from my phone so I can't do it myself. Edit: Oh, you beat me to it.
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    Parachutes vs. Ghost Stories!

    Round 1: Always In My Head vs Don't Panic Round 2: Magic vs Trouble Round 3: Ink vs Shiver Round 4: True Love vs High Speed Round 5: Midnight vs Sparks Round 6: Another's Arms vs Spies Round 7: Oceans vs We Never Change Round 8: A Sky Full Of Stars vs Yellow Round 9: O vs...
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    X&Y vs Ghost Stories

    Round one: Square One vs Always In My Head Round two: What if vs True Love Round three: White Shadows vs Ink Round four: Fix You vs Magic Round five: Talk vs A Sky Full Of Stars Round six: X&Y vs Midnight Round seven: Speed Of Sound vs Another's Arms Round eight: A Message...
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    Viva La Vida vs. Ghost Stories

    Round 1: Life In Technicolor vs. Always In My Head Round 2: Cemeteries of London vs. Another's Arms Round 3: Lost! vs. Magic Round 4: 42 vs. Ink Round 5: Lovers In Japan vs. True Love Round 6: Viva La Vida vs. A Sky Full of Stars Round 7: Violet Hill vs. Midnight...
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    A Rush Of Blood To The Head vs Ghost Stories

    Round one: Politik vs Always In My Head Round two: In My Place vs Magic Round three: God Put A Smile Upon Your Face vs Ink Round four: The Scientist vs A Sky Full Of Stars Round five: Clocks vs True Love Round six: Daylight vs Midnight Round seven: Green Eyes vs Oceans Round...
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    Mylo Xyloto vs Ghost stories

    Round 1: MX/Hurts like heaven vs. Always in my head Round 2: Paradise vs. Magic Round 3: Charlie Brown vs. Ink Round 4 Us against the world vs True Love Round 5: MMIX/ETIAW Vs. Midnight Round 6: Major minus vs. Another's arms Round 7: Up in flames vs Oceans Round 8: A hopeful...
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    Rank Coldplay's 6 Studio Albums

    1. Viva la Vida or Death and All His Friends 2. Mylo Xyloto 3. A Rush of Blood To The Head 4. Ghost Stories 5. Parachutes 6. X&Y
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    Rank the Ghost Stories songs!

    1. O (10/10) 2. Ink (9/10) 3. Always In My Head (8/10) 4. Midnight (8/10) 5. True Love (8/10) 6. Oceans (7/10) 7. Magic (7/10) 8. Another's Arms (6/10) 9. A Sky Full of Stars (6/10)
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    "O" is gonna be my favorite track!

    Did anyone notice the Paradise melody again?! "And I always" So now he has used that melody in Fun, Paradise, Midnight and O. And by the way, a long time ago he said they wanted to create the perfect song. I think they're there with this one.
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    Another's Arms

    Well, hello let's be friends! Have you got the song?!
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    Another's Arms

    Better get an Indonesian credit card to be sure to get it.
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    Another's Arms

    I'll jump in on that deal too.