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    Team Tampon or Team Pads?

    we use pads here. Can't find such thing as tampon in local stores except those for westerners. So, yes, have no idea what tampon look like, not to mention how to use it. i am gonna google now.
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    The Muse Thread - Hate This & I'll Hate You

    can not use Youtube here, shit!
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    What is the last thing that you have googled?

    Coldplay spies China still don't get it
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    Coldplay in Beijing, October 2010

    hi, can anyone tell me what's going with this " Spies Banned In China" thing. I don't really get it. I heard this saying before and I tried to understand the lyrics but I just don't get it. How come it have anything to do with China and how come it be banned in China. Can anyone give me a clue...
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    Coldplay in Beijing, October 2010

    yeah, I knew one day they would come. And it seems they would not say NO to invitation with such a good cause. But I was expecting they come to city like Guangzhou or Shanghai, you know, not as political as Beijing. I am just expecting their next tour in HK since I have missed the last two.
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    Coldplay in Beijing, October 2010

    And S. H. E! Can't be serious! Now I definitely hope Coldplay would not coming.
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    Coldplay in Beijing, October 2010

    I was excited at first, but I am not now. I can not stand it if Coldplay have to share the stage with the stupid shit like 李宇春 Chris Lee and 周杰伦 Jay Chou. I hate them and to be honest they are really nobody who knows nothing. And this is definitly just the target invited artists list.
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    Matt Bellamy and Chris Martin, an 'abusive' friendship?

    I love them both! Good to hear this. Thank you for sharing.
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    Help a little Coldplay Fan see the World

    I went to the HK Asian World Expo in Feb. 6th, to see MUSE Live, the first gig I've ever seen in my life. It was great! It was like you actually spending some time with the those great people on this planet. And in my understanding, that's what this Rian's Mini Adventure meat to be. I am...
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    Help a little Coldplay Fan see the World

    yes! I believe little Rian loves MUSE too cuz they are as great as COlDPLAY.
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    Answer the question above you

    I do, but apparently not as a singer. Actually I've been singing MUSE's songs these days. Kind of horrible to hear, I know. BTW, I love INTO THE WILD. Q: What did you have for lunch today?
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    Answer the question above you

    Love and Other Disasters sq
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    Answer the question above you

    Barcelona What is your favorit movie so far?
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    what would you do if...

    disappear for a while wwydi you bump into a perfect stranger in the street?
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    What are you thinking right now?

    Firing my boss!
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    When was the last time you...? game

    2 or 3 years ago, Coldplay's Live 2003, and it's not good, it must be a fake one. So never bought a second music DVD since then. Wwtlty you felt happy?
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    What artist can't you stop listening to today?

    MUSE MUSE MUSE Actually I can not help listening to Muse every single day after I went to theri live in HK. The abssession just keeps going on.
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    Rate the latest movie you've seen

    Leaves of Grass 9/10 Usually I don't like this kind of movie- the gang and crime and violence kind. But it's Edward Norton! It's been proved one more time that he is a genius of acting multi-personality.
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    Rate the latest movie you've seen

    Love and Other Disasters 10/10, again, again and again, don't know how many times I've seen this movie. I love it! Everytime I see this movie, it makes me laugh althoug I already know the lines; it makes me feel grateful, " life/love is beautiful" and sometimes sad... Now Murphy's gone...