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FLAC Fix You (AHFOD Tour Edition) 2016-08-18

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Hey, everybody! I'm back with another project, the first being my album edit for A Head Full of Dreams (which I posted in the wrong place on this website. If you want to listen to it just search for it on soundcloud, you'll find it.) I'm surprised no one has done a full, complete version of this yet, so here's mine. Its not 100% perfect yet, but I think many could enjoy it.

So here it is:

Fix You (AHFOD Tour Edition) by Coldplay.

fix you ahfod tour.jpg

Used as a replacement for the normal song during the A Head Full of Dreams World Tour. This is my second or third attempt, and it's still not perfect. The mixing is okay, and the Midnight pulse still seems to be a bit off tempo in places, especially during the end. Also, the HFTW vocals sound kind of awkward, I'm still debating if I should keep them in for the sake of being true to the original, but I don't know yet.

I'm also working on Fun with a Midnight excerpt, (they go surprisingly well), so let me know if you want to hear that. It's also much much easier to make then this one.

Thanks for listening! Any and all feedback is welcome.

Here is a SoundCloud link if any are interested: Mobile Link:
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