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  • Guy is totally the "whatever" person! HAHAh :p

    I believe anatomy is the hardest thing to master in art :I But once you kinda get it you feel like Jesus LOL

    Funny that you think that drawing stuff like this is sooo hard. I find the art you do, like drawing portraits and such, extremely freaking hard, because they are very far out of my comfort zone ahem :sweatdrop:

    Ahh lens correction, that's what it's called! :cheesy: Yeah it has a very nice dynamic feeling to it!
    Aw thanks a lot! :wacky:

    HAHAH yeah, I tried to pin down his very... Guy-specific swagger walking style :laugh3: And he would be the first to not give a crap about anything (IMO) so he's the one who doesn't look back to Chris.

    I'm still struggling a LOT with anatomy, time to dig out my precious dusty Gottfried Bammes books :wacko:

    Btw I totally love your How To Train Your Dragon picture you posted on Tumblr/DeviantArt. I believe you stepped out of your comfort zone bIIIIGGG time for that, didn't ya? :D Was totally worth it! I love the little 3D effect you put on there (did you shift the colour channels a little? Because of that blue/red edges at the dragon's claws/head)
    finally got around of doing some sketches that I had on mind for the song "midnight":

    depressing picture is depressing :wacko:

    I just pictured Chris tangled in some spikey vines, seeking out for a helping hand/light. Dunno if I will draw the faces of the other band mates or just put animal skulls on there as a refernce to the trippy music video with the fox in it. The background will probably be some weird, colour inverted forest or something

    Here's a album with some interesting pics from the era. Not all of them are in good resolution though :/
    I hope I could help!

    http ://imgur.com/a/Th2N1#0
    Any specific pics of the band, or just Chris alone? Or do you mean the artworks?
    The Master / Hannah found it :)

    If they come with any excuse lol. Usually the account just disappears.
    me: feels bad about something i did 4 years ago
    Forever *that*

    or remembering something embarrassing/awkward you did years ago and I'm like "NONONONONONONONONOOOO PLEASE NOH"

    Tumblr is an infinite source of wisdom :lol:

    yes, yes indeed. Even if it is so true at times it hurts :dead:
    HARROW :awesome:

    I found something funny on tumblr YET AGAIN and thought I should share :D

    me: im so tired, i could collapse into bed and sleep for a year...
    me: gets in bed
    me: how was earth created
    me: who made microwaves
    me: how does the internet even work
    me: i'm hungry
    me: feels bad about something i did 4 years ago
    me: remembers 73 unfinished tasks
    me: too tired to sleep
    But I like that it's a never ending source of inspiration :D


    I'm currently trying to draw a knitted scarf and I have no clue what I'm doing :dead:


    How about making a brush out of a single stitch? Or just overlay a knitting texture?
    Found this on tumblr:

    how to improve in art:

    -get unhealthily obsessed with something
    -draw it 43543452784 times

    I think it's pretty darn accurate and motivating LOL
    B-but then you don't learn anything D':

    It seems that I've expanded my confort zone now though, I'm drawing faces and it feels nice omg *__*
    Today I've stepped so far out of my comfort zone (drawing human face from imagination and HAIR, I HATE HAIR) it seemed it has disappeard behind the horizon :uhoh:

    HALP D:
    (I also loooooved your O drawing! Very difficult angle :S)

    Gee thanks! :dazzled:
    YES, that angle was NO FUN. I took a photo of my dad doing this particularly pose and used it as a reference, it was too hard to draw it from scraps lol :dead:
    My dad was like "Why do you need me to pose like that?"
    Me: "It's uuuh, for art :uhoh:"
    Me: "Oh nonONO you don't have to worry about that hahaha I'm totally gonna frankenstein your face with someone else's lol"
    He: "What was that?"
    Me: "Nothing :awesome:"
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