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  • That concert was pretty cool :D

    May I ask you a question? Where are you from? I only know that you can speak German so I'm pretty impressed by that :cheesy:
    If I understood it correctly it is a winners only concert? That sucks big time. :(
    Did you enter for any of the contests?
    Oh why thank you! :wacky::heart:

    I had a TOTALLY random thought in my head while making the avatar! :lol: I watched "Kill the Boss" in the cinema and there was some wanna-be killer named "Motherfucker Joe" or something. And then my Coldplay infested brain thought "LOL everybody talks about Mylo Xyloto aka MX all the time and talks about how poppy and mainstream Coldplay got, so change something about it!" So instead of thinking "Mylo Xyloto" I thought of "Motherfucking Xyloto" and bad-ass looking Chris avatar was born :freak:

    Does that make ANY sense at all? :lol:

    Oh man, we artists really struggle with normal conversations, we always switch into art mode! :lol: Not that I mind though :p

    OOoooh Simon Bisley! Then you surely know the british comedy show SPACED where Simon Pegg playes a main character named Tim BISLEY that draws in the exact same style :D Gotta love that show, such a shame it only has 14 episodes :sad:

    And that drawing rox my sox :charming: Although my drawing looks like this:

    Guy sits on the top of his giant robot, that looks rather clumsy, and he's flinging his fist into the air and yells something (have to think about that xD) and his pet-bot stomps everything to the ground.
    GAAAHHH thank you so much!! :dance: I love mixing colours by myself, but it really helps when you have a nice palette :D

    Of course, the human skin, just like everything else of this planet, contains all the colours that exist :surprised: Also when you want to draw something black, use just dark green/blue/red instead and it will look much more lifelike :) Ha this reminds me, this summer I was sitting outside and watched rather closely the black fur of my dog. And I could see it was not black at all in the sun, it was in all kind of colours, just darker versions of it.

    And then my dog walked away because I was creeping him out XD

    Hmmm coldplay related or something else? I can give you a lot of Coldplay ideas if you want :lol: I'm drawing a quite random picture right now, it contains a mad Guy and his pet-robot, and they are taking over the world :laugh3:


    I'm a sucker for robots so I draw them all the time :shame:
    SKINTONES!!! Yesyesyes I need all of this stuff :wideeyed:

    Oh and I already know about this mirroring trick :charming:

    Yes I could send it to for a critical overview, that would be great! :dance:

    Oh boy, finally someone on here with who I can actually talk about art! I mean it's wonderful to get comments like "OMG COOL/AWESOME!!!" but constructive criticism... priceless!

    Having fun is the most important part! :dance:
    Man, I just started painting in realistic colours for the first time with the wacom tablet in Photoshop. SO MUCH FUN!!! :dance: Still, I have to practise a little bit on that... certain picture until I reach your painting SKILLZ :charming::D
    Hello - I removed your September 16th posts in the Oracle thread because they were already posted by someone else earlier. :nice:
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