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  • Why thank you very much! But I was lazy this time, I found it on deviantart lol.

    Saw this one tumblr and thought:


    did they really have to use this cheap ass canvas and light effect for the background? :|

    :lol: Sometimes I think spending most of my time with PS can be a struggle :laugh3:
    Me too!!

    Stranger: "Is that a dragon"
    Me: "No"
    Stranger: "Oh.. well it looks like a dragon. Where are the wings?"
    Me: :|
    Stranger: "???"
    Me: "There are no wings"
    Stranger: "Why not?"
    Me: "Because it's not a dragon."
    Stranger: "But it looks like a dragon."

    Stranger: "Nice drawing though lolbye"

    And then eventually I hate my drawing so much that I make a new one :wacko:
    I guess I could, but I don't really care since my artwork is based on copyrighted photographs LOL *cough* Only if they start to sell my fully digitally stuff I'm gonna report them.

    Yah I just saw that. MY, I wonder how that happened :awesome:

    Also, LOL:

    I have no idea what you mean :whistle:




    Dude he eats people :I

    The crappy posture of the artist actually made me laughing the hardest... how he just hangs there! :lol:
    True, true :nod:

    I forgot it myself, I'm bad at all the season related greetings and such anyway lol.
    Happy New yeaaaar!! :cheesy:

    When you spend hours working on something and finally take a step back to admire it and realize that you hate it.

    My, didn't you know it's illegal to post your own drawings on the internet? :awesome:

    no seriously though, what a bunch of fart nuggets LOL

    What did you do? Did you reply to them? I'd love to know their reaction BAHAAH
    Thanks, but I merely changed an exsisting trolling gif by putting a bat cowl on it :awesome:
    "most of the time I'm excited to draw something when I don't have the time and once there is some time I forgot what it was I wanted to draw :blank:"

    this is me:

    "most of the time I'm excited to draw something when I don't have the time and once there is some time I'm too tired to draw :blank:"
    tumblr :awesome:





    Me: *takes a nap*
    Oh yeah, the fan dilemma :nod: TO BUY IT OR NOT TO BUY IT :bomb: How much is it? 400$ or so? Well, I don't want it. I mean, it's a nice picture, but for a really strange reason I feel nothing by looking at it. As for all the previous artworks (except the Mylo Xyloto ones) I have very emotional feelings towards them, especially the "artworks" (or more like cover arts) from the parachutes era. I'd love to have a big print of that shiver artwork with that thicket on it, I have no idea why I love it so much :lol:

    But what I would REALLY like to do is visiting that gallery that is opening in London showing the ghost stories artwork. That would be nice :wacko:
    But then again, LOL WHAT IS MONEY :drunk:
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