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  • Hi!
    You haven't done anything wrong. :nice:
    It's just that you weren't referring to anything else than the quote so it hasn't been edited to change the quote but has been deleted altogether.
    Don't worry!
    Hi there,
    a post of yours has been removed because you quoted text violating the forum rules.
    Thanks for understanding, have a nice day :)
    long time!
    I am excited! the album is called, Build A Rocket Boys! I can't wait REM have a new record too! but I am anticipating this saturday because Radiohead's new album comes out as well!
    im sorry it took so long! but im SO glad its finally there. glad you like it :blush: tried to make something special of it.
    Happy 2010, have a great year.
    Best wishes.
    make each day be full of joy.

    ...| |...
    ...| |...
    ...| |...
    ...| |...
    ...\ /...
    Hey ziggy. It was the same. no difference. I gave it a other try and if it's okay it will be there really soon. I wrote it a little different on the envelope, but i guess they know what i mean. Merry Christmas!
    Hi Chillll! I sent you a PM with me correct address. Please let me know if what you got is different. And don't worry about it! :)
    question, i went to the postoffice and they told me the adress i had wasn't right. could you please sens me a mail with your adres? and how you must write it on a evelope, cause i have no clue :p thanks!
    hey ziggy! you don;t know me, but i'm your secret santa. i know your card isn't there yet, but i send it one and a half week ago, but i received it back, something went wrong here. so i posted it again today it's on it's way to canada! soo you know why it isnt there yet. i hope you will like it!

    love, michelle
    hey! i got your beautiful christmas letter! :dance: thank you thank you thank you!!
    your pictures are wonderful, and thank you for the crown and the butterfly :butterfly:
    the german on the letter was good but still funny :Di have to say, i'm a little paintress too :smug:
    and your seats in the concert are awesome, mine was like the last row..
    my favourite coldplay album is ARoBttH too and i :heart: elbow!
    christmas greetings from germany :hug:
    Quiet - lunch with friends. Lots of Coldplay on the long drive and that stuffed feeling after a good meal with good friends! Heaven!
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