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  • Hey Farizah :)

    Great to hear from you :)
    Hope you're doing good and everything is alright at your end.
    Well, I hardly spend any time on here anymore, got my reasons.
    Otherwise it's not that much news anyway plus I hardly posted anything for the past years, so it's not that much of a surprise ;)

    I'm doing great, busy with work but still doing good.
    About to go on holiday next month for a week which I am looking forward to.

    Also going to another concert next month which I am awaiting eagerly :)
    Aw :lol: yah I know his mom made his love beads necklace and I think those bracelets too. Yah, he was pretty damn drunk too in that video:p I LOVE drunk / high Damo... he is such a silly monkey bwahaha!
    Oh no I didn't i must of said that wrong. I didn't meet Damon, I just knew he lived in Kensington and that's where I had my birthday party :dance: & that was the day I saw Chris so I thought, "hell, might as well stalk around a bit, maybe it's my lucky day and I can see 2 of my favorite front men on my birthday :p" heehee

    lol yah, the internet is always much more exiting when i've got an obsession to search about :p

    Hey! :whip: it's really hard! Don't get me wrong, I'm totally thankful for everything I have and having a nice home over here too, I just really LOVED London. I think I'm gonna move back in 2 years tho, I really want that more than anything. And then you can visit me :blush:
    booohooo it's so bad... i'm sorry for blowin' up your dashboard with Blur. I saw their documentary in London and stalked around for Damon a bit and ever since then... bad fangirlin :shame:

    what about you? any new obsessions? :p

    And I'm so depressed these days because Im back in my sad little town and not in London anymore FML! :bigcry:
    Excuse-moi! Don't call me a fooool. Quite a few ppl call me Lizzyboo too :smug: so how was I to know that was you trollin' around tumblr?

    Hey Zey, well I have some bad news.. I stopped doing the blog because It took too much of my time up and was a big distraction :p I might start it up again soon, so look out for it. Just been way to busy at the mo with Uni you see.
    Hi girl! :kiss:

    Trust me, my life is far from being awesome at the moment, I'm so confused :uhoh:
    Maybe the coming days will make the blur turn into something like a perpective.

    The Air gig was disappointing but the "Moon Safari" album is awesome.

    The party! Right!
    I left at 6.30am!
    It was like an attack! Soooooo many people. At about 3am we ran out of beer - and we had LOADS. Then they started drinking shots, wine etc and we had already hoped that some might leave when they find out we don't have beer anymore! :lol:

    I'm so tired now, having a bit of a stomach bug, too.
    But tomorrow I have a day off - see you then maybe!

    Big :hug:
    Good to see you, I was getting worried!!
    I stayed up as long as I could tonight because I'll work at a party tomorrow night and I don't expect to be leaving there before 5am on Sat.
    I'm alright... Thinking about some changes in my life.
    Next week I'll see "Air" - do you know them?

    Don't work too hard, you should relax a bit over the weekend and do something for yourself!!! :hug:

    Going to bed now... Hope to catch you online soon again!
    Happy New Year Zeya! :dance:

    Nope :p I won't pack up until later, just a lot of stupid stuff i have to get in order before I leave for 4 months :wreck: it's nerve wrecking, but it has to be done.
    Hellz yahz! I'm already bursting like a mad woman :bomb::bomb::bomb:

    I see. Ok that makes a bit more sense now. But I mean you could always move back to Oz right? Like after you graduate I mean? I know I don't want to still live where I'm at right now either after graduation :p

    Yah, I guess I'm just too much of an optimist.. I mean if I find myself some hotty european over there I'm gonna keep him when I come home :wink3::laugh3:

    But you know your situation and I'm sure you made/ will make good decisions about it :nice:
    And omg. that photo you sent me is adorable!! :cheesy: Look at how happy you both look! AWW :wacky: and I see that is where your avi is from! :heart: I love it!! He seems so nice, thank so much for showing me that pic!

    And no prob. your a great friend too :kiss:
    No worries Far :)

    It's so great to have all these lovely people from coldplaying.com around me :)

    I have to thank everyone so much for keeping their fingers crossed and sending me loads of Karma :)
    I was really blessed with luck in 2009, so it has been an excellent (Coldplay) year for me :)
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