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  • oh PePe57, u dont know how awesome my feelings is at the moment!
    well, to describe it through simple words, 'now my feet wont touch the ground'!!!!!!
    anyway, thanks for telling me this ;)
    Oooh Zeya I just read your story with Chris and saw your pic... You know I'm so happy for you, you realized my dream in my place :) Lucky lucky girl, you touched him ! That must be incredible
    Thanks, sounds like you've given me lots to look out for while I'm there! Yeah my friend and I are are really excited about the trip!
    hey tauiwi...
    well what i like about kl is that we have everything from experiencing our cultural side to having the ultimate city life experience..

    for the cultural things...u can visit the islamic museum which is awesome, our central market,

    we have a number of skyscrapers such as KL Tower (u can climb up and see the whole city from up there) and of course our once tallest building in the world Petronas Twin Tower which u can also go up to the bridge that links the twin towers (and the best thing is that it's free! u just have to be among the first 100visitors for the day)

    we have A LOT of shopping centres with cheap stuffs ;)

    u should also try the food at the stalls that u will find all around the city for our malaysian cousine (the best time will be at night!) but if u cant stand our food (which is understandable) we have plenty of western food restaurants..so no need to worry at all!

    and if u still wanna have a night out we have AWESOME nightlife...KL will be expecially beautiful at night...

    and one thing u should know is that the city never sleeps :D

    gosh i sounded like some kind of promoter..lol!
    but i really think u will enjoy kl..it's very nice :)
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