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  • Hi Zeya.
    I hope that you are having a good Christmas time.
    Here everything is fine - I had a bad cold around Christmas, but it is over now. Weather here is grey and degrees around 3 degrees Celsius. From 1.12 to 15.12 it was a lovely, snowy landscape. Then mild weather. What about you?
    Ok, I'll upload it then. :)
    I can't do it today however, I've just gotten home from trade school and got work later but seeing as you can't dl right now anyways there's not a rush...

    No no, it's fine, ramble all you want, it's nice to hear from you. :kiss:
    Hope you'll settle in ok in the new town!!
    So you moved just recently? Is it a permanent job?
    Have a nice evening. :hug:
    Hey, I haven't forgotten about the video. :)
    All I could capture was the first 40mins, not the whole thing. :embarrassed:
    Do you still want the file and is 40mins only alright or have you found it somewhere else already? :uhoh:

    Hope you're doing fine!
    I wanted to send you more, but I wasn't sure if it would make it through customs and everything. I've never sent something to Malaysia before, haha.
    I was glad I got to send it to someone I knew too. :kiss:
    Oh my, that is one HUGE video!
    About 20% done and over 200MB already.
    I can't promise that it'll work as the file will be so incredibly humongous but looks good so far. :)

    More later!
    :lol: Thanks... I guess!
    It's a pity actually that we have to intervene at all...
    Mr. Martin wasn't right when he said all CP fans are nice. :laugh4:

    Hey, have a nice day, hun and thanks for your message, it made me smile. :nice:
    32 degrees Celsius all year round!?!?!?! :stunned: :shocked:

    When the temperature passes 25 degrees Celsius it gets too hot for me!
    Volunteering work in connection with creating awareness of the human disasters.

    How is weather where you are? Here it is -3 degrees Celsius and sunny and a snowy landscape.
    I have noticed that you have not been much online in 2010. I guess that you are busy with studies and/or work?
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