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  • I only opened it yesterday so there is barely anything there yet :p fictiondistrict.tumblr.com if you want to check it out.

    But you really don't need to follow me, I've been checking your blog for a while now and I really like it :wacky: + I love Iceland :D
    So yeah, if you don't want to follow me, you don't need to ;)
    Neat :awesome: I travel through northern Finland a lot. Yeah, it's lovely. It's hell driving through, though, cause you have to go in and out of fjords constantly.
    Noooooo! :wreck:
    That's terrible! :sad:
    You could always lurk outside the venue and see if you could hear anything from the outside?? :p

    I remember the first time I bought tickets to an over-18 gig, I was SO excited :awesome:
    Ohhh no!! I love the Vaccines! I've been so addicted to their album lately. I really can't pick my favourite bands :\
    I know on my last.fm Gorillaz have got waaaaaay more plays than any other band, but that's only because I went through a massive obsessive phase with them last year (obviously :p).

    Foals have slowly become one of my favourite bands, like, ever, especially after seeing them live. The first band I ever really fell in love with was Muse, but I don't tend to listen to them all that much any more :disappointed:

    Anyway, I guess the best way to gauge my favourites at the moment is to say what I've been listening to the most lately... actually, that big box on the side of my last.fm page is a pretty accurate description of my favourite bands, minus Gorillaz, The Wombats and Blur at the moment (I don't even know why blur are on there, I barely listen to them :uhoh:)

    Haha, nor is mine, really :p

    I try to listen to most bands I see pop up around here and I usually end up liking a majority of them.
    Sooo, because last.fm isn't necessarily the best indicator of your favourite bands, what ARE your favourite bands at the moment? :wacko:
    Aww, thanks! :cheesy: I think Jasmin is also a beautiful name :wacky:

    Haha, I completely know what you mean! I used to discover ALL my new music off here! Not so much any more, but I still find out about a lot of new (and old) bands :awesome:
    Yes, I'm really loving it! And it's wonderful to study to. And it's blowing my mind that someone in Finland knows who Tame Impala is :surprised:

    I'm Grace, by the way :nice:
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