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  • Hey Ella! I'm still sorry that I didn't reply back in summer, but my 'Rumpelstiltskin' got banned the very night you'd sent me your last message. So: did you try the cinnamon rolls yet? :wideeyed: Hope you're cool, Valerie
    The whole thing? Dedication. :surprised: Might watch some later I haven't seen it in years, only the 50min long pilot episode on youtube which is bizarre as they take differe t scenes out of the episode and gradually edit them into different episodes and storylines of the series, never seen that idea before.

    But the pilot episode itself wasn't good.
    Haha if you didn't get into it straight away you probably won't (Or actually I'm trying to remember if that pilot episode was of a different quality but I think it was basically the same). Noel Felding is in it (Or maybe he was in the 1st ep so you know that anyway).
    I'll take a risk and say Nathan Barley, it's hit or miss. I loved it when it first came out, but now when I watch episodes I'm not sure why I liked it THAT much. Or How Not To Live Your Life, 1st or 2nd series, the 3rd has just started and it's pretty poor.
    "Grow a pair Mark."
    "Should I grew another pair of testicles even though I already have 2 testicles and would then have four testicles?"
    (Later in the conversation)
    "And rip her a new one."
    "What rip her a new anus? Even though she already has an anus? So then presumably for some unknown reason I would then fuck her 2 arses with my 4 testicles?"
    What did you decide to break? :wreck:

    Oh by the way, last nights Peep Show was great! The classic ending line was a bit weak but everything else was pretty hilarious.

    Really? I went to quite an effort for this colour scheme. :cry:

    And I rejected your friend request.

    JKZ :blush: BFF
    Hellooo! Sorry for not answering your last post in Paul's thread, I kinda didn't want to bump it again. I bet you were a talented free dancer, woman!!!
    Seriously, you and I should try make a fortune out of our self-deprecation, we'd be happy millionaires in no time. :P
    Plus, I'm currently baking cinammon rolls and remember you having posted sth about that last winter. I finally got a recipe which doesn't make them float out of shape during baking! It's finnish also, by Tessa Kiros, who's finnish and greek and zypriotic and lived in South-Africa and currently lives in Italy or so. She's lovely. http://whowantsseconds.typepad.com/who_wants_seconds/2005/02/an_interview_wi.html
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