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  • I think you wanted to know how to post a photo. I got this from the Chris and Jonny forum
    once you have chosen the image you want to post, right click on it and select "copy the image URL". Then, go to your post and click on this image: Paste the link there (right click, paste image URL or just paste) Accept and that's it!
    I am glad you met Chris. That is a very nice photo. I would like to wish you a Happy Chinese New Years, the year of the rabbit. The corners of the building that are luckiest this year are NW, NE, SE, SW. My luck got lot berrer since Feb.3rd, since luck went to the NE, the part of the house Ilive in.
    hello there) you're Diane, right? My name is Lena.
    I read your story in the Beehive thread about Chris's reply to your letter...it's really amazing, congratulations :nice:
    So, I was just wondering if you could tell me the post address, where you'd sent your letter. Me and other Russian fans think about sending a letter to Chris and we ask for your help:)
    Thanks for the card, I look at it a lot. I enjoy it. It is great that you got to meet the guys. Now the show has been aired, you can talk about what it was like.

    Unfortunately, I haven't met them . This is my dream. :heart: I really want to show them my bear even if it is completely crazy. :lol: Well, I am a crazy coldplayic ! :lol:
    Thank you for telling me how to get a photo on the site. It took me awhile to find the edit profile. I have extra Christmas cards. Would you like a card from me?
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