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  • I never got to go to irish college and i doubt I'll go after 6th year :laugh4: Everyone says it's really fun :sad:
    How was it ? :wacko:

    I saw Grizzly bear and villagers :heart:
    I think it's because it goes sunny and by the time you go out it starts raining. STUPID IRELAND.

    I went on holidays to Paris :nice: That was awesome. Oh and I went to a concert.

    after that things slowed down and I just went to the cinema alot :lol:
    What about you?
    Not too much, not at this moment anyways.
    September will come and the panic will set in :uhoh:
    Oh my god, it's so horribly annoying :bigcry: I can't do anything summery :lol:
    Why did i think you were in third year ? :laugh4:
    We must have been talking about the JC at one point.

    Yes, I'll have to stop posting so much on here and study :laugh4:
    I kept up with study in 5th year and got relatively marks in my summer tests so it won't be too hard :wacko:
    I don't know if you'll be on this before it,
    but best of luck in your Junior Cert.

    You did you say you were doing it this year ..? no? :\
    hahhaha ahh i forgot to check this! :O lol
    ohhh okay thats pretty awesome tho!
    and omggggg im jealous! lol i forget what i did....it was probably grades :/ apparently were gettting report cards tomorrow and im probably gonna get grounded again! :( lol
    ahhh school...school is almost over here lol june 23 is when we get out! its kinda far but very close too! lol :) when do you get out?
    lol yeah :)
    and wait...irish? is that like english? please explain :) :) lol
    and ive been pretty good! ive been grounded..thats why i havent been on but im not grounded anymore so im on now :p how have you been?
    aw really? they should have had a thing outside of the US so that people outside of the US could call too! :/
    ahh thats awesome though! doesnt it make u feel good that u donated?!?! lol does me! XD
    no i didnt unfortunately :( i think u maybe had to ask...idk...but the lady i talked to was very very nice! :)
    im glad to hear that! :)
    haa yeahh i dont really like the learning part of it but i love seeing everybody :)
    hmm...i would ahve to say art and photography and english :) what about u?
    hha yeah it did! it was fun! lol well it was fun because no one was hurt! :) if someone was hurt it would have been a different story...
    lol im pretty good! i just finished watching the hope for haiti concert :) i called and donated $20 :) how are you doing?
    lol for some reason..right now i like school...and i cant figure out why..idk right now i feel like i just like being around a lot of people.. :p
    pretty good! how about u?
    and yeah me too lol :/
    tho today we had a delay because of snow....but i over slept and had to stay home! lol
    i wanted to go to school too! because we had a school fire yesterday and i wanted to see the aftermath..and plus it was a shorter day..and plus its friday! lol idk hahahh the school fire was funny tho...i was in teh bathroom when the alarm went off and i had to like rush to get out..and i just was able to catch the last bit of my class going out lol it was fun :p we ahd to wait outside in the cold tho but i didnt mind..at least we didnt have to do work and could just stand there and tlak with friends and all huddle together to keep warm! lol it was great :p
    hows school going for you?
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