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  • I'm not too bad really thanks Frida :)

    Very very shocked at the riots in London though...and it's spreading to other cities :o

    Hmmm, well it seems like my disc drive has definitely died...Trying to rip The Kooks (Konk) finished it off :cry:

    I googled 'Paolo Nutini zip' and found a few links that looked ok (?) like this one:


    But I wouldn't download anything like that unless I was really sure about virus software on my computer! (You're probably wiser at that stuff than me though!! :laugh3:)

    Take care :nice:

    Hi Frida, hope you're well!! :)

    I'm really sorry, I forgot to post again on the Paolo thread :confused: My disc drive isn't working right now :( Did you get the mp3s?

    Take care :sunny:

    Hi Frida!

    How are you my friend? Anna just called and is on her way to Liverpool on the train finally after a five hour :eek: bus journey from the airport to London.

    I just wanted to say a great big 'hi' and I hope you're really well :hug:

    Pete xxx
    Hi Frida,
    How are you? Hopefully fine. :sunny:
    I hope that you get so sing because you have a very lovely voice. I presume that you are - or have been - singing in choirs, right?
    Hello Frida,

    CONGRATULATIONS - well done!

    I just read that you took your driver's license two days ago and was celebrated by Coldplay with CLOCKS (or was it celebrated with CLOCKS by Coldplay).
    If it was on Museum day it would have been Friday - the day after the Kent trip. Vera and Peter were in London for only a few days. And a very nice picture, indeed.
    Hello Frida,
    How are you?

    It is such a lovely picture Vera has posted. She is not online now, so I ask you:

    Do you know on what day was this picture taken? If so - when? Was it Vera's brother Peter who took the photo - or Vera? And have a nice SUNday.
    Glad to hear that you too had a good trip home. My plane was 20 minutes delayed but wind conditions ensured that the flight landed as scheduled. And it couldn't be better with the Metro and later the normal train. Leaving Heathrow at 10:10 (11:10) and in Copenhagen around 12:45. So couldn't be better.
    Hello Frida,
    You had a nice trip home, I hope. My flight was 20 minutes delayed, but it was a nice trip home including the trains. It was so nice meeting you all, and despite my rash problem I had a nice time with many highlights.
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