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  • Thank you ! :)
    So, when I'm comfortable with it, I'll contact you. Doesn't matter if it's now or very later. You'll be still on coldplaying anyway ! :p
    I think you have to explain me some techniques, but yeah I'm gonna check on my own at first.
    After many days, I'll recontact you for teaching me what you know and want. :nice:
    What do you think about it ? Maybe in one week, I could make good signatures, don't think so but we'll see ! :D
    Have a nice evening. :)
    Ok, well, fisrt of all I'm gonna download many textures and when I'll have photoshop, I'll try to be more comfortable and I'll tell you. When you'll hae got time, we could discuss about sigs more deeply ! ;)
    I can wait, it's not a problem for me, it's already nice to help me. :nice:
    Yeah well, don't worry, take your time, we don't have to do this right now.
    Maybe I'll have photoshop tonight but not sure. I'm gonna take a look of what you said: "textures" etc.
    The link you gave me, do you use them for your sig ? I'm gonna take a look at it too but I don't want to have any troubles ! I saw many textures but the creator wants me to put credits on my sig so I don't really want ! :lol:
    Good luck with your busy week end ! ;)
    Hey ! :)
    I'll have photoshop in a few hours or tomorrow so I'll give you my msn or something else if you want. ;)
    Hope you're fine. :nice:
    Thank you ! :)
    I couldn't let a beautiful sig like yours in a link ! :p
    I talk to you later when I'll have photoshop or even before ! :nice:
    See ya ! :)
    Don't know, as you like. Msn will be easy to explain I think. I'll send you my adress as a private message when I'll have photoshop. ;)
    I saw your link in you signature, I love your effects and your colours. :nice:

    For upolad your sig, you have to upload your image through "Upload image through computer"
    When loaded up click "insert signature image" and
    [SIGPIC][/SIGPIC] will appear in the box and resize that text to 2.
    Tell me if it doesn't work ! ;)
    Yeah, for my first steps with photoshop, It's better if you tell me what I can do. ;)
    But it's gonna be hard to explain me by visitor messages nop ?
    Btw I can explain to you how upload your signature if you don't know ! :p
    I would like to take a look of your pictures, that'd be great, yeah. :)
    Oh yeah I'd love too but it's not a little complicated ?
    I would like to make a sig like you did to aniskywalker. I lean with this kind of colours and with partitions behind Chris. Kind of stuff like that ! :p
    Thank you so much, I'm gonna have photoshop soon so I could show you ! :)
    Hi ! :)
    Aniskywalker told me that you did her signature and I foud it very amaizing, I would like to know how did you make it ? With photoshop ?
    I just begin to make signatures so I'm a noob. :nice:
    Thank you. :)
    I adore everything about that person :heart: His musical talent, attitude, sense of humor, his looks :}

    Darf ich kurz eine Runde k***** gehen? Sorry aber dazu fällt mir nichts anderes ein... Woahr, die machen mich so dermaßen aggressiv, unfassbar!:angry: Vor allem kannst du da schon aus den Zeilen lesen, wie die drauf sind. Mal im Ernst, was bilden die sich ein? Bei der besagten anderen Band geht's grad gleich. Vor allem dann auch noch 2(!) Drumsticks & 2(!) Setlisten einkassieren. Immer gleich alles doppelt, man weiß ja nie... -.- Kannst du jetzt nachvollziehen, warum sie es damals so fabelhaft verstanden haben, mir das Konzert zu vermiesen?! Graah. Verdammte Assis. :bomb:
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