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    Official Aussie Music Fan Thread

    Woah Jamie, I'm sorry to hear that you are leaving. Thankyou for your kind words and I wish you all the best for the future.
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    mainstream meter ( gamish thing?)

    Overall 26.97% of your music taste is mainstream.Dilemma (radiohead are two mainstream) Seven Day 12.27% of your music taste is mainstream.Original
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    Did you know

    That if you pick a random wikipedia article, click on the first blue hyperlinked word not in brackets or italics, then recursively keep clicking on the first such word in subsequent articles, you will always end up at "Philosophy". Try it. Radiohead takes 25 clicks.
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    Worst piece of music journalism in history.

    That is pretty terrible.
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    I listened to Frengers again today and I forgot how much I liked it.
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    The National

    Listen to Boxer, it's even more amazing... and probably more depressing.
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    The National Top 15 Songs - **send your top 15 favorite songs toThe Final Track!**

    It works best if you progress chronologically.
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    Making a Coldplaying Comeback

    I'm Bryce. You, me and Rudy used to lounge game together.
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    Bon Iver

    Woah, he got like 9.5 from Pitchfork. That's like, the highest score they have given this year.
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    2011 Albums Worth Listening To

    You should really try and get around to some of the others on the list, most of them are worth at least a couple of listens.
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    I'm making a mixtape of contemporary indie-type schtuff

    My thoughts exactly, plus maybe an xx song.
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    Making a Coldplaying Comeback

    It's Rick as well. This is a good day.
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    The 9th Mixtape Exchange

    So, anyone willing to hold the next exchange in like two weeks?
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    Concerning the US elections 2012:

    Only Sufjesus can save you Ivet.