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  • yeah... I mean I can play a few tunes for a while. I just don't know how many people will show up. But I can try. is maybe like 20 mins okay?
    i think the next couple of months of releases will be very telling. i won't pass any judgement on 2011 music until at least august. but hey a slower year in music isn't too bad at all. and yeah i'm really pumped about splendour. i've written up a list of 20 bands in order of how much i want to see them, to deal with any potential clashes haha. a lot of my friends decided not to go to splendour this year cos of the poor line up. but i bet you they'll come to me next year and say how much they wish they went cos they now love all the bands! lol

    anyways i have a lot of work to do but don't feel like it lol. talk to you soon :)

    my workload has been really over-bearing but i only have 1 week to go. so the finish line is in sight. thats the thing with uni life. you're basically doing the HSC twice a week so its really intense.

    the reason why i asked you about where you live was cos i was wondering where you're thinking about going to uni? is moving to sydney an option? you seem like a great student so i would imagine you would want to go to the best unis. i live in the far western suburbs of sydney. about 20km from the start of the mountains. i really can't wait to finish uni and start earning decent money so i can go live nearer to the city. its hard to have much of a life living so far out west. but all my friends are here so its not too bad.
    hey mate.

    been a while since i've said hi to you properly haha. your contribution to the forum has been typical of a hsc student. i hope that hasn't been too cruel to you i know it was one crazy year for me. but all the hard work was worth it in the end.

    i've always wondered. where in nsw do you live? i've always kinda had this image of you living somewhere remote. am i wrong?

    hows 2011 music going for you? i keep finding myself comparing everything back to 2010 and being very disappointed. but there's a ton of exciting music on the horizon so things should pick up.

    anyways i won't make this too lengthy as you probably have more important things to do. come to think of it so do i. 3000 word essay due on thursday that im only starting on and a 3hr exam next week. funnily after so many last minute jobs, nothing seems all that daunting anymore.

    Good to know. :nice:
    To the better?

    Didn't think about it - I checked my mails and initially thought "I haven't been there like in forever... I may look how many people are still around." :awesome:

    Oh, good to know where to find you. :nice:
    sure. i think they'll be $15NZ so we don't lose any money (if it all goes well we will get $17 profit!!!)
    but if you're awesome (ie you) and you buy one i'll send a mixtape or something cool as well :heart:
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