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  • Hi,
    So first I've done a few version of one pic in photoshop. I think it was 9 of them (on every picture I changed Chris' position). After I done that I put it up together in Photoscape :) I hope it'll help you. It's really easy to do, if you have any questions just ask :)
    I live in Seattle, have been here 5 yrs now. Saw them twice here!
    I have seen Bryan Adams twice in India...I'm sure they can manage something :)
    Hey Teerna, thanks for the add! I'm actually from India as well, just living in the US for now. If you ever start a "bring CP to India" petition, make sure you let me know :)
    well there are alot of fans , but not many REAL fans , just knowing fix you and yellow doesnt make one a real fan :p n yuss i really wanna watch em liveee .
    Well, if he is moving for Gwyneth, then I guess he doesn't mind. And I heard that the paps are worse in UK than LA. :)
    WOw, you haven't been online for a while. How are you? What have you been up to?

    Yes, his voice is amazing. :heart:
    Is it comfirmed that he is moving? Cause I find it hard to imagine him being away from London. ^^''
    A lot of kids have very blod hair. :) I know that most kids in Denmark are born with blond hair, and then it turns darker when they grow older. :)
    I agree. Chris eyes are amazing.
    I think Apple and Moses looks like both of their parents. :nice: But I think Moses do look a lot like his awesome dad. :nice:
    I'm from Denmark. :wacky:
    Where are you from? :wacko:
    Well, I "officially" made an account in 2008 during the Viva era but had been lurking here quite often before that without the account. How long have you been here?
    Hi Teerna. :cheesy:

    I'm glad i'm ot the only one who is obsessed with Chris' voice. It's beautiful. :heart:
    Hahaha. :laugh3: I'm a fan of both. Chris is my biggest hero, And I love Coldplay music. It's beautiful, makes so much sense and inspires me. :nice:
    Nice to meet you, btw. :) I'm Louise.
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