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  • Ohh I understand! but this is growing up... I hope you are having a nice time though! :nice: 400 people? and I love the sujects you are studying especially history. I completely love it!

    I am excited but not so much anymore I guess I am ok with waiting, though I already listened to the leaked MX what I really liked untill now was the Paradise video, I am totally in Love with it! :dance: what about you? :)
    Yeaah it's not too terribly far away...but I'm still anxious to see my sister and my dog! :)
    I have my own room, but there are 400 people in the building!

    What do you think of the new Coldplay songs? Are you excited for the album? Less than a week away :dance:
    Awww:awesome: thank you!!!!!!!
    Just november? :( but it is less than a month away! and are you living alone?

    this year I am only working with the wedding I could not study anymore, maybe next year - which is not far either! :nice:
    Yes, like 2 weeks ago! :awesome: I am thinking on making a thread about it since it all started here and post some nice pictures...
    thank you! :hug:

    OMG! and is it still your country? Wich courses are you taking? I hope you get better from the homesickness, Stephan is passing through this here in Brasil as well :(
    hahaha actually?!?! that suckkkssss!!! but sure it'll be nice once its done!!!
    haha its sickkk you should come! lol
    and jhsadfjhfsoaifahjkshdfs soooo sooo soooooo unbelievable good! omg <3 <3 best night ever!!!
    i was there for the sound check and chris was just talking to us like he does and they were getting organized to go into a new song and i yell "CHRIS I LOVE YOU" and he looked over in my direction and was like "oh thanks so much!!' then they leap into HLH <3
    THEN during the gig we held eye contact and good facial emotion laughing with me eye contact <3 best 7 seconds of my life!!! <3
    ahh it was such a good show even though it was only an hour the boys seemed to be having a great time and i was front row so can't really go wrong there! ahhhhh
    have you watched any of the videos?
    Good point!
    and i really want to make it but i don't think their going to let me bring it in :eek: :"( i think ill try anyways though
    And i'm at western in ontario and yes i am its pretty awesome, you are too right?
    I will forsure!!! ahhh i can't wait!
    even though I'm slightly scared i have my hopes to high and I'm going to be disappointed! than again its coldly and I'm not really sure if that can happen :p
    ahahahahahha k totally doing that!!!
    I'm also thinking of making a sign like remember that girl that offered him chocolate in exchange for his shirt?
    i want to make one that says "ill give 100 bucks to Oxfam or some charity and some chocolate if we switch watches b/c i have sorta the same one as him!
    Do you think that would work at all? or any suggestions as to what i should do?!

    and yay goood glad your liking it!! yes i just started this year and am lovinggggg it now! big adjustment but slightly obsessed now! :p
    if i wash;t coming home for such a good reason id me upset :p
    and yeah i do! hes on the foot ball team actually :p
    YEAAAAAHHHHBUDDYYY!!!!!!! I entered right when it opened and was like GO GO GO!!! hahah
    i can't believe it I'm soooo freakin pumped!!!!! i take tons of pics and vids for you!!!!! <3
    hows uni going?! apparently i actually know someone thats at your school!
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